Sunday, February 18, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Winter Olympics edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Am I crazy or was that Kevin and Tyrone on the two-man luge in PyeongChang?  (and I'm pretty sure I saw Pat Phelan in the biathlon with a rifle). But I digress.

In summary, last week Rana came out, Carla passed out and Gemma was taken out.

Zeedan is shocked and angry by Rana's revelation. Rana's parents are also shocked and Rana's Dad (who wants to protect his family's name) offers Zee financial support to launch his restaurant in exchange for Zee and Rana agreeing to maintaining a fake marriage for a year. Zee agrees and Rana tearfully accepts.

Carla and Daniel get together for some RLA (Recreational Legover Activity) much to the chagrin of Peter, the disgust of Beth and the amusement of everyone else.

Aidan and Kate are getting tested for a possible kidney match for Carla who has already passed out once (hint: never do a downward dog in the Bistro).

Gina is not well and gets arrested for shoplifting fish fingers. Dev is determined to take care of her.

Chesney discovers that Henry's interest in Gemma is a ploy to win a nasty bet with a slimeball named Hugo. Ches tells Gemma who promptly places a variety of a la carte dishes on Henry's head.

Training for the upcoming boxing match continues with the new garage guy giving lessons to Ty and David.

And now for a few lines from last week:

Carla tells Peter what she was doing at Daniel's flat:
"I was reading The Golden Bough"
(it's customary foreplay for intellectuals)

Carla pops over to Daniel's flat:
"I haven't come to jump your bones"
(just to finish reading The Golden Bough)

Zeedan to Rana:
"I've lost everything"
{Rana hasn't exactly won the lottery either, you know)

Chesney to Hugo's date:
"You've got a very low opinion of men and yourself"
(what do you expect when Hugo is her benchmark?)

Tracy to Carla:
"I heard you were cougaring my brother's brains out"
(I didn't realize that "cougaring" was a verb)

Well, fellow Olympic Athletes from Weatherfield, so ends another week. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Lukexit edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...


That's the question we're all asking as we witness the sad funeral of Luke Britton, beloved brother, valued mechanic, fit dating partner, all-around good guy. We just have to wipe our tears and believe that he's gone to a better place (so, not Emmerdale?)

Steff is back to grieve the loss of her brother. Phelan has the gall to show his face at the funeral but he's rapidly becoming persona non grata. Faye wants to move away because she's scared. Tim agrees and he fires Eileen for being associated with Phelan the Felon.

Nicola is back on the scene giving Seb a safe place to stay and pretending to reconcile with ol' Pat.

On the Tassel's front, Bethany (aka Madison) remains contemptuous of Gary the two-timer and she's defiant about keeping her job at the lapdancing club. Sarah, Gail and Audrey decide to check out the place for themselves and Bethany is horrified.

Eva is pregnant with a baby she doesn't want. Toyah wants a baby. Can you see where this is going? I'm sure things will work out fine. What could possibly go wrong?

Carla is definitely not well and Rana fnally admits to Zeedan that she's in love with someone else.

And now for some lines from the week that was.

Steff's eulogy points the finger at whomever killed her brother:
"Bad people, they always get what they deserve"
(and he just happens to be in the audience)

Gina wants Brian to be a model for her fashion items:
"I would absolutely love to use your body" 
(I'm glad someone can find a use for it)

Steve to Amy:
"What do you call a spider crossed with a rabbit? A hare net"
(Ena Sharples would not be amused)

Sarah to Audrey & Gail as they enter the lapdancing club:
"What kind of a name is Tassels?"
(you'll find out soon enough)

Gail reminds Audrey why they're at a lapdancing club:
"We're here to see if this place is a suitable place for Bethany to work in"
(be sure to check the dental and health plans)


Well, Bistro Buddies, so ends another week. I remind you that the Winter Olympics may affect the broadcast schedule of Corrie so do check your local listings for the broadcast times in your area. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dev Alahan's Pizzagate scandal rocks UK

About Canada's Coronation Street... 

This is perhaps a bigger controversy than Tassel's 'Bring your mother to work' day. A bigger scandal than Ken Barlow's affair with Wendy Crozier. A public health danger more deadly than Pat Phelan.

I'm talking about those boxes of pizzas on the shelf of Dev Alahan's grocery store. Check them out the next time you're watching a scene in the corner shop.
Aren't those pizzas supposed to be frozen or at least refrigerated? Are these some kind of new-fangled UHT pizzas that don't require refrigeration? Did Elon Musk's crack team of scientists develop yet another breakthrough while working on the Spacex rockets?

Whatever the reason behind those ill-placed killer convenience foods, they certainly seemed to have sparked a furor in the UK. Viewers (with time on their hands) took to Twitter en masse to protest, even calling for a boycott of the business.

One fan tweeted: “Don’t buy stuffed crust pepperoni pizzas from Dev’s corner shop on @itvcorrie. They’re stacked on a shelf and not in the chiller/freezer #foodpoisoning.”

Oh and remember the schedule change for Corrie on CBC (4:30 pm in the East but do check local listings for the time in your area).

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the bimbo and the metaphor edition

Your quick recap of what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

There was a birthday party for Gemma's boyfriend  at the Rovers and everyone dressed up to represent a different Newton and Ridley pub.

I think Gemma was dressed as 'The King's Eyeball'... but I could be wrong.

But that was just a footnote in a dramatic week, especially at the court house where Anna was found guilty of assault and sent down. This despite Seb's testimony which exposed Phelan's lies.

But the problem was that, in order to get Seb to testify, Gary and Tim has to wrestle Seb into a car - all of which was caught on CCTV and which seemed to suggest that Seb was testifying under duress.

Bottom line: Anna's in the slammer for five years and Phelan walks.

Eileen begs Pat's forgiveness. How could she ever have doubted him? Aidan hires Pat to fix the factory roof. It all looks rather grim.

Elsewhere, the Platts have discovered that Bethany is not waiting tables at a trendy Mexican restaurant (Buenos Nachos) but is in fact working as lapdancer. Gary shows up at Tassels (or perhaps it's Tassels PLC) and gets beaten up by two bouncers.

Alya is grieving over the loss of Luke. Billy is staying at Eileen's and getting his painkillers from Adam (yikes). Not sure what Adam's endgame is but probably not good for Billy. To make matters worse, Billy finally finds Summer but Todd has mysteriously disappeared. 

Poor Toyah has lost her chance to be a Mom after her surrogate suffers a miscarriage. Toyah hasn't told Peter. Neither is Eva telling Aidan that she's with child.

Despite Bethany's best efforts, Gary and Sarah are back on snogging terms.

And now for some lines from the week that was:

Sarah to Bethany:
"My daughter, the lapdancer"
(her choice I guess)

Carla to Roy:
"Peter running a pub ? It's like putting a cat in charge of an aquarium"
(But what if the cat is attending Aquarium Anonymous meetings?)

Toyah gets into a fight with Carla:
"the bimbo used a metaphor"
(that's like taking coal to Newcastle) 

Tim to Liz re: his disaster as a lonely goatherd in elementary school production of Sound of Music 
"I never did live down those lederhosen" 
(keep calm and yodel on)

Well, Corrie companions, so ends another week. Watch out for CBC schedule changes during the Winter Olympics. You don't want to miss Phelan's continuing efforts to elude justice. Thanks for stopping by and all the best.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Same Day Hangover edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Apparently Bethany has not taken up some quaint Northern Finland folk activity (that would be Lapland dancing), but is rather titillating men with lascivious gyrations (that would be lap dancing).


Anyway, the point is Craig (in his official capacity as a police officer) is called to a disturbance at one of Weatherfield's premier lapdancing establishments only to discover Bethany working there. Will this cause a break up? And what happens if Sarah or Gail or (heaven forbid) Audrey finds out?

Elsewhere, the Phelan saga continues as Seb figures out that Phelonius Skunk killed Luke, and he does a runner so as not to become Pat's next target practice.

Even Eileen has her suspicions and visits Anna in prison twice (one more visit and she gets an HM Corrections loyalty card). But, after a little soul searching, she reaches the conclusion that Pat's okay. Oh, and Todd called. Nothing to worry about, he's just lying low (and I think he's also been booted off the show).

Gary actually manages to find Seb and tries to convince him to share what he knows but Seb is scared so Gary visits the cop shop and points the finger at Phelan in the murder of Luke. The coppers follow up and take Phelan in for questioning.

Eva is pregnant (Dev really should re-stock his supply of pregnancy test kits. They're going like hotcakes) and she thinks the Dad is Aidan (maybe she can reuse the scan she got off the Internet from the last time she was 'pregnant'?)

And, speaking of unhappy couples, Chesney breaks off the wedding with Sinead (at the altar of the register or registry office). Seems Ches doesn't think it will work out, but never mind, he's off on the solo honeymoon trip of a lifetime to see Wales (not Whales) with little Joseph.

And more unhappiness over at the Rovers. Peter and Toyah are at odds over Peter's fishy behaviour. This dates back to when Peter discovered that Billy was partly to blame for Susan's death. Simon seems to be training for delinquency. He got excluded from school for selling vodka to his classmates (I guess that's not allowed. Who knew?)

Speaking of Billy, seems he's up and walking at the hospital. Meanwhile Sean is staying with Ty, Ruby and Hope. It's not going that well so far.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Police to Phelan:
"We want to talk to you about the murder of Luke Britton"
(how much time do you have?)

Jilted and bitter Sinead to Chesney:
"Have a nice life"
(in the kebab shop)

Bethany to Sam re: the mismatched Ches and Sinead:
"He is this pasty redhead and she is this gorgeous blonde"

Kirk to Maria re: Beth who overindulged during Sinead's quasi-wedding:
"She's got a same day hangover"
(doctors recommend same-day paracetamol for that)

Daniel seeks advice from Carla:
"What do women want?"
(Some Chardonnay and a large glass)


Well, fellow Street Spectators, so ends another week. Looks like Phelan will have to do some smooth talking to the police regarding his involvement with Luke's death. Sadly, Phelan is quite an accomplished liar so he's more than up to the challenge. Oh well. Let's see what happen next week. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Luke Britton edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Let's cut to the chase. or, more specifically, the car chase where Luke is pursued by Phelan and run off the road. After that... well, let's just say that Phelan "eliminated" Luke because Luke knew too much about what happened to Andy and had traced Andy's disappearance to Phelan.

Needless to say we are all in shock about Luke's demise. Vinny? (well he was a con artist). Andy? (well, he was a bit of knucklehead). But Luke? Nice guy, fit fella and upright denizen of the Street? Say, it ain't so.

Kev and Tyrone are in shock. The police are on the trail of the two racist knicker buying brothers who are prime suspects because of their previous argy bargy with Luke.

Still, we soldier on with our hankies and G&T at the ready. The fallout after Luke's death is sad and dramatic. Alya is in bits. Yasmeen bravely talks to the media hordes (some actually seem fairly bored). Kate takes off because she can't handle the on-again, off-again secret romance with Rana.

Meanwhile, Ches and Sinead are scheduled to get married but Fiz can't come to the wedding. Gemma's boyfriend continues to be mysterious and there's obviously something we don't know about him. Zee returns to his old job at the Bistro for the umpteenth time - seems that the Speed Dal restaurant didn' pan out.

Then there's Seb. He sees Phelan burning clothes in the yard and does a little snooping. He already knows that Phelan owns a gun. He puts two and two together and figures that Phelan killed Luke. The only problem is that Phelan cleverly got Seb to put his fingerprints all over the murder weapon.

Run, Seb, run.

And now for a few lines from the week that was.

Seb to Phelan:
"Did you have something to do with Luke's murder?"
(do sharks have fins?)

Beth to Sinead and Ches:
"Can't be easy getting wed in the middle of a murder investigation"
(both require witnesses)

Toyah to Eva:
"Is the nail polish vegan friendly?"
(don't know, I've never tasted it)

Yasmeen to media scrum:
"What we want is for people to stand up against hate"
(and Phelan)


Well, Corrie Cohort, that's it for the week. Thanks for visiting. Always a pleasure to have you drop by. Cheers!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the two stripper edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

A hen do, an assault, a hospital and a jail. Just your average week on the Street.

Let's start with the hen do. Sinead is getting married and a nice hen do is underway at the Bistro ("come for the hen do, stay for the roast hen").

Then Chesney barges in and knocks over Aunty Beth. It's not really Ches's fault, although he did fall for Daniel's wind up. Anyway, the cat's out of the bag and Sinead now knows that it was Cheney who attacked himself with a brick to make Daniel look bad. Meanwhile, over at Chesney's stag in the Rovers, two strippers arrive but the stag gets cancelled abruptly.

Daniel subsequently does his Sidney Carton routine and pretends he never loved Sinead as a way to force her back into the arms of the self-bricking Ches. Will it work?

Meanwhile those two mega-racists who are ready to sign a big contract with Alya and Aidan have a tussle with Luke. Luke gets charged with assault and Kev's garage gets vandalized. Luke is also getting suspicious about what happened to Andy. He doesn't believe the backpacking in Belize story.

Seb gets a rollicking from Phelan who thinks Seb's big mouth cost him a job replacing the factory roof. Meanwhile Gary is helping Seb find a new job. Phelan doesn't like that. Anna is resigned to the fact that she's stuck in jail thanks to Phelan.

Steve wants to give Michelle ten grand to help her deal with her financial woes and Robert catches Rana and Kate having it off in his flat.

Billy's still in hospital with a steady stream of Barlows barging in to threaten him every ten minutes. Todd and Summer are missing. Brian is moving out of Roy's and Carla may be moving in. Roy wants to donate a kidney to Carla whom, it appears, is quite ill.

And now for a few lines from last week:

Daniel to Sinead:
"I latch onto the first gullible girl who comes along"
(wouldn't that be Rosie?)

Robert to the ladies of Sinead's hen do:
"No, I'm not the stripper"
(too bad. They were looking forward to your al fresco)

Sinead to Chesney:
"Why did you attack my Aunty Beth?"
(seemed like the right thing to do)


So, Weatherfield Watchers, so ends another week. Will we have a wedding on the Street next week?
Will Phelan keep evading justice? Will Brian collect all his coasters from Roy's when moving out?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!