Welcome to Blanche's Polish Hip!

Hello (or as Blanche might say, 'get on your bike') and thanks for stopping by

Welcome to 'Blanche's Polish hip', a Coronation Street blog named in honour of Blanche Hunt's replacement hip surgery, an operation which was done in Poland for, um, financial reasons and also to make as many people as possible feel guilty (I hope you're listening, Deirdre) . Blanche (who sadly passed away in 2009) is the acerbic beacon for this tongue-in-cheek commentary on the Coronation Street episodes watched by faithful Canadian fans every weekday.

Like many Corrie fans, I have been watching the show from 'Corrie Central' (i.e. my living room in Montreal) for a long, long time and enjoy discussing characters and stories - usually from a humorous perspective. My fictitious editor frequently adds his own cryptic comments to blog entries (in parentheses and in italics and attributed to 'ed').

In addition to the editor, there is a growing crew of support staff at Corrie Central including: Abbey Downton (receptionist), Luke Skivewalker (tech intern), Gordon Tony (accountant) and Sue Vide (cafeteria).

Blog posts are generally updated two or three times a week following the airing of weekday episodes on CBC TV so please be aware of the potential for spoilers -- especially if you're a Sunday omnibus edition viewer. Weekends are usually reserved for 'Coronation Street TGIF' (formerly 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday'), a regular round-up of some of the more memorable lines from the week's episodes.

For further info about the blog or to contact me offline, I can reached at corrieheart [at] gmail.com

I hope you enjoy visiting (or as Blanche might say, 'stop reading this mindless twittering and put the kettle on').