Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nick's Nicknames

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 19 episode on CBC

Well, it looks like we won't be needing the countdown clock for when Gail Platt loses her job. A shame really, especially since our IT intern (Luke Skivewalker) came up with idea. Oh well, on the bright side, there were so many good lines in yesterday's episode of Corrie that I will be doing two TGIFs this week: one on Thursday (TGIT? - ed) with a selection of Natasha's gems as she wreaked vengeance up and down the street and the regular Friday edition with the rest of the memorable lines of the week. 

But for today, let's revisit Nick Tilsley's unforgivable habit of assigning unflattering nicknames to his co-workers at Underworld. What is the (under) world coming to when working colleagues show such disrespect for one another? (get on with it, squid legs! - ed).

So, in order to condemn this ignoble practice, let's recap Nick's list of nicknames:

He refers to Sean as 'limp wrists' (as opposed to Danny Baldwin who called Sean 'fruitcake', I believe)

Janice is 'grunting garden gnome', terrible! (although given her first aid training, I would have thought he would have gone for something like 'Nurse Wacky').

Julie is 'Jackie No' awful! (although, given her surname, he might have gone with 'Carp Diem' or 'Fish Fingers')

Carla is Mount Everest because she's icy and you wouldn't want to go there. Tsk tsk! (I thought he would have come up with something more like 'Matterhorny' but what do I know).

Trevor? Well, Nick didn't mention anything but I suspect it was something along the lines of 'Bin there, done nowt' or 'Homo defectus'. Again, quite inexcusable!

Fiz?  Not mentioned either but probably 'Red Menace' or 'Mrs Kidnapper'.  What an outrage!

Kirk? Probably just 'Kirk'  (ouch, now that hurts! - ed)

As I say, Blanche's Polish Hip roundly condemns this behavior and we believe that Nick should be severely reprimanded... by his mom.

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  1. LOL I am still laughing at handsome Doc coming out just as Gail is tearing a strip off Deidre. Then he has the nerve to ask for another chance.

  2. Hi Jeanie and thanks for the comments. I just about fell off my chair when I saw Deirdre behind the counter at the clinic, and then the look on Gail's face. Priceless! It's been a great week so far... and yes, Gail does have some 'neck' trying to get her job back. all the best, CH

  3. heehee...I was SO happy when Dr. Hottie gave ol' Gail the boot. But I was afraid that she would get her job back with enough blinking and apologetic whispering.

    Thankfully, Gail was true to form and showed that nasty form IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY WAITING ROOM. She was taken aback when the doctor came out of his office, but up to that point seemed to think that she was exhibility completely appropriate workplace behaviour. Dierdre was gold. I hope she gets the job full-time.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I agree, it would be nice for Deirdre to get the job at the clinic. I think she deserves a bit of break after losing her job, the whole Lewis 'thing' and Ken's preoccupation with his new family. All the best, CH