Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sex drive

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the April 27 episode on CBC

Poor Kevin and Molly! All that pent-up sexual tension and no place to have it off. Even when Kev comes up with a boffo idea (sex in the posh motor belonging to a snooty customer), it all goes awry when a nosy copper shows up ("allo, allo, what's all this then?" - ed).

Not only that, but the toffee-nosed, upper class bird gets all bent out of shape just because Kev has driven off in her motor for legover purposes, leaving Tyrone (Moron Jr, licensed mechanic? - ed) to handle customer complaints ("I say, you there, sirrah, where's my automobile? I have an impending polo match and I'm already late!"). So where does that leave Kev? (making cucumber sarnies with Sally? - ed). It's obvious that Mr. Webster and Molly need a place to consummate their lust, but where?

Webster's garage? (too close to Tyrone and the temptation of VAT - ed)
Jack's Pigeon area? (too much cooing: Molly & Kev, not the birds - ed)
The Webster's conservatory? (too much glass, too little class - ed)
customer's car? (been there, done that, got the citation - ed)
back room at Dev's corner shop? (too Umed and too humid - ed)

Looks like Kevin has no choice but to opt for a hotel (hope he doesn't run into Rosie - ed). I believe a suite may be available at the incomparable Weatherfield Super 8 Motel (turn left at the viaduct... and keep right on going! - ed). Tell them Leanne sent you.

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