Friday, April 30, 2010

TGIF April 30

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the April 29 episode on CBC

First things first. Where did Molly get that seducto music mix tape which she was playing when Kev came by for a quick 'MOT inspection'? (it's the same music mix which Jack uses to get his pigeons in the mood - ed). It certainly sets the mood for another edition of TGIF (Tony Gordon, it's Friday), a selection of the memorable lines from the week's Corrie. Hit it!:

Maria's speaks lovingly in appreciation for all of Tony's help with the new baby:
"Do you know, you are an angel sent down to look after us"
(I agree... if that angel's name is Lucifer)

Jason explains what's going on as David showers him and the street with plumbing equipment:
"David’s gone nuts again, that’s what’s going on "
(happens every other week, regular as clockwork)

Studmuffin Bill Webster replies to a lonely hearts' ad by phone:
"My name is Bill and I also am looking for companionship and commitment."
(Aren't those the words to a Johnny Cash song?)

Tyrone's attempts to cook a meal for Molly end in disaster:
"Me moussaka’s charcoal "
(Think of it as a burnt offering...)

Tony helping Maria cope with the challenges of being a new mother:
"How about you finish feeding the wee man "
(You better be talking about the baby, mister)

A policeman wants to know what's going on after Kev & Molly are discovered canoodling and Kev insists he can explain everything:
"Let’s start with the theory of relativity and then you can explain what you two were up to in here... mate."

Sally assures Ben's parents that she rarely touches the vino:
"I don’t normally drink alcohol, it’s just on special occasions"

(like Mondays, Tuesdays etc)

Fiz wants to know if she and John can exchange wedding vows in the nick:
"Can you do that? Can you get married in prison?"
(you can but women usually aren't involved)

Helen (Liam's mother) can't help but notice that Tony is spending a lot of time with Maria:
"I'd be very careful because that man is carrying a torch for you"
(...yeah, probably an acetylene torch)

Deeply religious Ben tells Sophie he isn't at all attracted to Rosie:
"Of course I don’t fancy her, she dresses like a hooker."


Well that's it for another week of BPH. Hope you enjoyed the week and, if you're an omnibus watched, enjoy the Sunday show. Thanks also for the nice & funny comments. Always a pleasure to hear from you and I'll meet you back here next week as Kev and Molly take it up a notch.
Can't wait. Cheers!

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