Tuesday, April 27, 2010


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the April 26 episode on CBC

I certainly don't envy Jason Grimshaw (because he has to take Sean to the gym? - ed). Ol' Jase and David Platt have a history - and it's all bad. David once told Jason that he (David) wanted to kill his family (The Platts or the Grimshaws or both? - ed) and then, to spite Sarah Louise, David undid the bolts in a scaffolding and Jason had a nasty spill.

In many ways, Jason has been an unfortunate, somewhat gullible foil for David's evilness (evility? - ed). But now, Jason is really taking his life in his hands. Doing the horizontal mambo with Tina may have its perks (free kebabs? - ed) but it's also guaranteed to ratchet up David's craziness level. And it has. David has already stormed over to the builder's office and hurled an assortment of plumbing hardware at Jason (maybe Davey was just trying to teach Jase how to 'tap' dance? - ed).

As Jason himself explains to the bewildered crowd on the street with uncharacteristic astuteness: "David’s gone nuts again." Touche, young Grimshaw. The problem is, ol Davey Boy is hanging around staying at Chez Gail. He could strike at any time and he's none too pleased that Tina is hanging up her hoop earrings at the Grimshaws (they take up most of the living room - ed). It's like he's engaged in some kind of fatwa against Jason - let's call it a Plattwa. If I were Jason, I'd watch my step. This could get ugly.


  1. Yes I'm schnorkelling - that would be giggling with faint helpless snorting sounds. Plattwa. Rock on.

  2. Thanks for that one! Great! Mary