Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Ghost of Alf Roberts

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Jan 25 episode on CBC

Audrey: "Just one word: Alf."

And when Audrey says "Alf", I don't believe she's referring to the unfortunate NBC sitcom of the1980s which featured a wise-cracking, friendly alien named 'Alf' as the show's star. No, this 'Alf' is Audrey's late husband, the inimitable Alf Roberts, city councilor, corner shop owner and former Mayor of Weatherfield.

You may well ask what's Alfie all about?

Well, Rita and Audrey have always had a friendship with a slightly competitive edge. As babes of their day, they had their fair share of man-candy to chose from. Audrey was pursued by Alfie and, although they didn't share much in common, they did share Alf's vast personal fortune. Alf, a man modest tastes (they still haven't been able to pry his wallet open - ed), showered Audrey with a nice semi-detached house (i.e not in Coronation Street) and a business (the hair salon) to boot.

Audrey was never much interested in Alf's 'work' but she was interested in being Mayoress. Alf wasn't so sure and briefly considered Rita for the job, someone he long admired as a friend and fellow entrepreneur. That was rift number one. Then, as I recall, there was some kerfuffle about some photos found on Alf's camera after his death. Seems Rita featured in some of the snaps (hubba hubba! -ed) which was sort of explained away as a technical snafu and swept under the rug (you mean Norris' hairpiece? -ed). That was rift number two. And, of course, Audrey is very sensitive about the notion (quite prevalent) that she was a gold digger who married Alfie for his cash (No Interac in those days - ed). So, when ol' Rita accuses Audrey of being like Lewis the escort in that respect - things are bound to get nasty.

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