Saturday, June 6, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the sweaty builder's armpits and stupid shiny head edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Wow! What a week. Where to start? Well, let's just say there's good news and bad news. The good news is that Steve and Michelle got married. Very nice.

The bad news? Hmm. Let me think. Oh yeah, a fire, an explosion, a betrayal, a kidnapping, a psycho, a death and multiple injuries.

Here's the 411: Carla scuttles Tony's takeover plan by buying half of the Rovers. Tracy blames Tony for bungling her scheme to get the Rovers and tells Liz about her legover exploits with Tony. Liz keeps quiet until after Steve's wedding then goes ballistic.

Tracy gets into Carla's posh apartment where Carla and Amy are sleeping and thinks about doing her blunt object routine on Carla but decides not to, however a candle is left near a lampshade. The ensuing fire traps Carla and Amy. Leanne discovers Carla and drags her to safety but Amy remains.

While waiting for the fire department, Kal and Leanne return to the burning apartment to get Amy. They finally escape via the balcony and down a ladder - except for Kal who dies when a propane tank explodes.

Meanwhile Maddie catches Jenny Bradley with a wig, planning to abscond with Baby Jack. Maddie manages to escape but runs straight into the danger zone of the fire and is seriously injured by an explosion.

Oh yeah, and the Platts have an awkward dinner with Erica.

Now for some lines from the week that was:

Tracy tells Todd she wants revenge:
"I want to see Tony's life fall to pieces"

Tracy lists some of her complaints about Tony:
 "Your sweaty builder's armpits and your stupid shiny head"

Gail is not impressed with Erica:
"All she did was get herself pregnant"
(at her age that's quite an achievement)

Tracy reveals her sordid affair with Tony to Liz:
"Let's just say the stockroom has seen its fair share of action"
(why? Did you get a truckload of stolen electronics recently?)

Liz doesn't believe Tracy's story about Tony:
"He wouldn't go near you with a barge pole"
(well, that's not quite how I would phrase it)

Sally is turned on by Tim's wedding reception outfit:
"You're looking very Bruce Willis"
(in Die Hard)

Norris objects to Michelle's Dad's long speech at the reception:
"The butties are curling at the corners"
(I assume he's talking about sandwiches)

Carla to Tracy after finding out about Tracy's deception:
"You are one spiteful, vicious, self-centred cow"
(and those are her good points)

Liz tells Sean why she's destroying her cellphone:
"I'm deleting Tony"
(you might as well delete Mr. Travis while you're at it)

Ken to Tracy:
"Tracy, what have you done now?"
(let's just say it involves, fire, deception, and a blunt object)

Tracy to Ken:
"That's the problem with me. I'm too nice for my own good"
(Mother Teresa, take note)

Maddie discovers Crazy Jenny's kidnap plan:
"You are off your head"
(I guess the nut doesn't fall very from the nut tree)

Zeedan blames Leanne for Kal's death:
"He's dead because of you"
(because of Tracy, really) 

Carla blames herself for the tragedy and Roy tries to comfort her:
"We can't live in a world of ifs and buts"

Well, that was quite a week. Just my luck to go on vacation when it all kicks off on the Street (A Viking River cruise along the Lachine Canal; magnificent!) Still, there will be plenty of fallout next week. Police inquiries, hospital vigils and, of course, nutty Jenny is still on the loose. And what of Liz's wedding coat? How many skunks had to die to make that luxurious designer outer garment?
Just one of many questions to be answered.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great week. Till then, cheers!


  1. It seemed to me that Kal had plenty of time to get down the ladder...thought he'd be a bit swifter considering he's an ex-soldier and personal trainer. Would have been more realistic if they were both on the ladder when the propane tank exploded, and Kal to have been killed in the fall to the ground. Still fun to watch, though!

  2. Yes, it did seem that there was a lot of chat and delay before Kal finally got going down the ladder (including Leanne accepting Kal's marriage proposal). Good episode but very sorry to lose Kal, one of the Street's fittest men. Thanks for the comment and all the best!

  3. Does anyone honestly believe that Carla would have a propane tank on her balcony?

    1. Good point. I guess a tank of chardonnay would be more plausible (and less combustible). Thanks for the comment.

  4. Let's not even consider opening the Pandora's box of improbabilities in this past week's episodes. The entire Weatherfield fire brigade could have driven through the various plot holes! Speaking of the fire brigade, perhaps the local council needs to reevaluate its priorities and consider relocating the nearest firehall. And as for the building codes in that area, with no sprinklers in a modern residential building, the less said the better!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes it took quite a while for the firefighters to arrive. I believe one of the characters said that it was due to "traffic on the ring road" or something like that which means that future fires should be scheduled during off peak traffic hours. Given the large number of fires on that street, I agree it would be wise to have a fire station next to Nick's Bistro or somewhere close by. Maybe Eileen's ex-boyfriend could be the fire chief?