Monday, July 11, 2011

Gail Platt grapples with patient confidentiality

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 11 episode on CBC

Gail's got that look again. You know the one: the disapproving, smell-the-sour-gas scowl which she puts on whenever Natasha comes within GPS range. Of course, Gail is in fine form, being a bit of a medical busybody. She already got a reprimand from Dr. Hunky and, when Natasha simpers out in tears, Gail is right there like gristle on a hotpot, trying to sniff out what's up because, after all, it might affect darling Nicky.

The fact is, although Gail claims to understand patient confidentiality, I'm not sure she's at all clear on the concept.  In fact, she seems to think the job of receptionist at the clinic requires her to nose around a bit when the punters come in for their appointments. I can just imagine her behind the reception desk all day, shouting gems like:

"Please be patient, Mr Honeywell, Viagra prescriptions don't write themselves you know. It'll be ready in a few minutes and remember that if it lasts for more than four hours, come back here immediately and see doctor."


"Okay, you lot. Who's the one with that Gonorrhea superbug? Come on, speak up. I don't have all day!"


"My goodness that thing is so big, I'm surprised they got it all in one x-ray. Must have used a wide-angled lens"


"Yoo hoo. Mr. Stephens. Yes you. Off you go to the examination room. The doctor is ready to look at that boil on your bum" 

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