Friday, July 15, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The David Platt goatee edition

Is it just me or are Nick's ears a little small for the size of his head? Just wondering. Anyhoo, let's summarize: Sian (pronounced 'shy-anne' I believe) and Sophie (pronounced 'sawfee' I believe) are no longer to be known as 'Sheffield United' since they ended their incredible adventure and returned to Weatherfield where we can at least decipher what they're saying via the reaction of others. And it appears that Graeme is Norris Jr. and Tina is Rita Jr., Oy vey. Well, let's put all that behind us and launch into TGIF, our weekly round up of lines from the past week. By the way, feel free to send in your own. I sometimes miss the best ones because I'm out of the room getting myself a Marmite sandwich (that explains the halitosis and nightmares - ed). Onward!

Rita tells Norris that he has been, and always will be, a fuddy duddy:
"You were born middle aged"
(I wonder if Bruce Springsteen could write a song about that...)

David insults Natasha's intellect:
"She makes Kirk sound like Stephen Hawking"

Natasha tries to make Gail understand her insecurities:
"Have you never been paranoid?"
(They told you to say that, didn't they? Didn't they?)

Natasha believes that she can makes things right with Nick:
"I got pregnant once, I can do it again"
(we're talking about conception here not winning the Champions League)

Gail takes her trademark sanctimonious tone with Natasha:
"It's a strait jacket she needs"
(Maybe she can borrow David's?)

Rosie doesn't think Jason is particularly well dressed:
"That's a wardrobical nightmare"
(Rosie seems to have her own special language, like Esperanto or Klingon)

Norris is back on the Internet and his online colleagues noticed his absence:
"14 of the posters thought I had died"
(so when will we know one way or the other?)

Natasha tells Nick that he'll be pleased to see her leave:
"Now go jump for joy"
(Gail will tell him how high)

David wonders how Natasha was planning to fake her pregnancy over the long term:
"What was she going to do when she got to like 13 months? Pretend she was an elephant?"
(It's a grey area)


Well, fellow lovers of Corrie, another week on the street and much has happened.  We'll be watching with interest to see if Gail loses her job at the clinic or manages to charm Dr. Hunky with a nice cup of tea and a digestive biscuit. I don't think the Nick/Natasha saga is over but I guess we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, have a great weekend, stay cool and enjoy the Sunday omnibus. Thanks for dropping by and for your comments. I'll meet you here next week for more of Blanche's Polish Hip. Cheers!


  1. David's goatee makes him look like the devil!

  2. It's true. I wonder if that's an 'omen' of things to come. Thanks for the comment & all the best, CH