Friday, October 7, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the RIP Mrs. Fishwick edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 6 episode on CBC

Claire Peacock is a wanted woman. Lloyd is getting on Chris' wick. Peter Barlow is tired of being Ironside. John Stape is a nutter. Tracy has made a remarkable recovery in the Coronation Street Wing of Weatherfield General. Just another week on Coronation Street. What else can I say except 'Tony Gordon It's Friday', our regular round-up of memorable lines. All aboard!

Sally summarizes Kev's situation:
"He lives in a flat with his love child"
(Wasn't that the name of a song by Diana Ross & The Supremes?)

Mrs. Fishwick has her doubts about Colin's whereabouts:
"I don't think he's in Canada"

Mrs. Fishwick has an idea for tracking down Colin:
"I was thinking of hiring a private dick"
(is there any other kind?)

Sally summarizes Kevin's rough-hewn ways:
"You're a caveman Kevin Webster"
(maybe he could call the garage: 'Quest for Tire'...)

Mrs Fenwick can't believe where her beloved Colin is buried:
"Underneath the knicker factory!"
(May he Rest in a two-piece)

Mrs. Fenwick asks Stape about the different time zones:
"What time is it in Canada?"
(Time to put Stape back in the nick)

Tracy tells the detectives that her mental capacities are fine:
"My brain's in perfect condition"
(Never been used)

Mrs. Fishwick's neighbour is distressed when John Stapes crushes a talking book:
"You've stepped on Joanna Trollope!"
(Ouch! That's gotta hurt)

Well, dear fellow Corrie lovers, it looks like the end to another marathon viewing of Corrie. Whew! Five hours a week is a lot to digest. Not that I'm complaining or anything.  Hope you have a great weekend and an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and reading. All the best and I'll see you here next week for more of the Hip. Cheers!

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