Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crying Game or Cage aux Folly?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 16 episode on CBC

Oh my gosh! I always thought Marc Selby was too good to be true. Single, suave (in a kind of gravelly gravitas kind of way), close to his sister (that's not his sister, baby, that's a man! -ed), a wine connoisseur. What more could a woman ask for? (his and hers high heels? - ed).

Turns out that Marc is leading something of a double life. I don't want to say too much. Let's just say that the lipstick on his collar... is his. That's right, shocked Corrie Comrades, Marc's idea of a three-piece suit... is one and a half bikinis. His favourite movie is 'J Edgar'. He thought 'The Crying Game' was a documentary. He... (that's quite enough - ed). Anyway, when poor, oblivious Claudia complains that Marc is being a bit of a drag... she only knows the half of it.

So what's a guy/gal to do?

Well, fortunately, Audrey is there to help. Audrey's a woman of the world. Once she understands Marc's dilemma (fetish? - ed), she is all tea and sympathy. Marc and his tattered Marks & Spencer affordables are whisked away from the police station to the comfort of Chez Audrey where Marc can tell Aud all the highlights of his strange desire for highlights.

But now what?

What on earth will Marc say to Claudia? Will he even tell her? Somehow I don't think she will be quite as understanding as dear ol' Audrey. (My Alfie liked to dress up as Mayor ya' know lovey - that's almost the same thing). Alas, I suspect when Claudia finds out about the cross-dressing, she will be quite cross. Mark my words.

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