Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Coronation Street

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 16 episode on CBC

One of the problems on the Street these days is a depressing lack of capital. It seems that the global economic crisis is really hitting home in Weatherfield where the 99% is actually the 100% - if you know what I mean.

Of course the tram crash didn't help either. Corrie's small businesses, the traditional job creators for the skiving masses are facing hard times. Dev's Empire of Thriving Corner Stores is on the skids. The butcher's shop is long gone. Carla's Underworld factory is hanging by a thread (that's enough of the rag trade jokes - ed). (If it wasn't for a big order from a sexual predator, they'd be in real trouble). Steve is leveraged up to his eyeballs. Big Jim says he has money but I have my doubts. Streetcars has been driven into the ground  (that's enough of the taxi jokes - ed).  The Kabin has only just re-opened. Audrey's Salon is about to go down the tubes... once David and Kylie get their grubby hands on it. What's left?

Well, the big winner in all this is Owen the cowboy builder. He seems to have cornered the market for construction after the tram crash. He even has enough dosh to give Gary some cash for a van.  There's also . Roy's Rolls which wasn't affected by the tram devastation. Last and least there's Kevin who has half a garage plus some cash from a scratch card.

What Coronation Street needs right now is a brash, fast talking capitalist with a lot of cash. Where's Mike Baldwin when you need him?

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