Friday, August 24, 2012

TGIF: The Free Norris Cole (again) edition

please note this post makes reference to the August 23 episode on CBC

You may recall that poor Norris was once locked in the cafe washroom by Sylvia Cropper (click here to read more). This time it's Tracy Barlow who has curtailed Norris' freedom by locking the padlock on the door of his room. When, oh when, will this persecution end? (hopefully never - ed).

Stay strong Norris. Mere bedroom walls cannot contain you, nor padlocks restrain your gossiping and busybody activities (note to readers: this is where George Michael starts singing "Freedom" - ed): Anyhoo, let's get to it and by "it" I mean Tony Gordon, It's Friday, your weekly compendium of memorable lines.

Sunita lashes out at Leanne:
"You've been bouncing between Nick and Peter so many times, it's like watching a tennis match"
(one might even say 'double fault')

Lloyd outlines Streetcar's employment criteria to Karl:
"We kind of draw the line at scum"
(however, thank you for your interest in Streetcars and we'll keep your CV on file)

Steve explains his shirt to Stella 
"Pink is the new black"
 (yes, and Steve is the new plank)

Norris tells Kylie he needs a taxi to go into town for a confectioner's gathering
"There's a talk on the renaissance of sherbet" 
(please don't give away the ending, I'm waiting for the movie)

Asha and Aadi's assessment of Mummy's new boyfriend 
"Karl smells"
(out of the mouths of babes...)

Norris' comment on David's attempt to entice Kylie with a nice bath
"It's an annual event"
(she has a bath whether she needs it or not)

Ryan explains to onlookers about Kylie's gyrations in the Rovers:
"She used to be a cage dancer"
(unfortunately she managed to get out of the cage)

Beth reminisces about the seaside:
"I lost my virginity in Blackpool on the ghost train"
(sounds like The Shining)

Sylvia tells Roy about Milton's housekeeper 
"She's Cuban but quite nice"

Michelle gets wise to Steve's ulterior motives beyond offering fatherly advice to Ryan:
"There was nothing fatherly about what you had in mind"
(another foiled legover)

Emily assures a nervous Norris about Tracy's intentions:
"She wanted to Hoover the carpet, not murder you"
(although, to be frank, both options sound attractive)

Well, folks, that's it for another week. Poor Tyrone. Poor Michelle. Poor Stella.  Let's hope they all have better news soon. Have a great weekend. See you back here next week. Cheers!


  1. You missed one: Emily to Norris when he thinks Tracy will be snooping around in his things: " I don't think there is anything in your drawers that Tracy would be interested in." ( or words to that effect)

  2. Thanks for the comment. You're right, I did miss that one but I do remember it. Sometimes I can't keep up with the good lines especially when Norris is involved. You just know someone's going to come up with a few good zingers. all the best, Corrie

  3. Did you notice that when Norris was leaning out the window talking to Ryan and it was pouring rain, Ryan was soaked and Norris was dry as a bone!

  4. Hello Tvor. Now that you mention it, that did seem a little odd although I was so transfixed by the sight of Norris parting with 20 pounds, I think I overlooked it. BTW, I was totally chuffed to see your comment since I am a longtime fan of Bluenose Corrie Blogger (as I think you can surmise from today's post). Fab photo on your blog post today too. Best wishes, Corrie