Saturday, November 8, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the 'with these handcuffs, I thee wed' edition

please note this post makes reference to the Nov 7 episode on CBC Canada

Try and top that wedding, Beth Tinker! A carriage, a police cruiser, a cat fight, handcuffs and a runaway groom. Marriage vows? Who needs them when you can have a copper reading you your rights. Honeymoon getaway? Pshaw! I know a quiet little place where no one can find you - an interrogation room (Tracy) or a grotty B&B (Rob). Other news on the Street? Who cares? Oh alright, Michael still has a dicky ticker (and yes that's the official medical term). Steve is still depressed. Liz knows Tony was up to no good on the night Tina died.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Carla confronts Rob with the truth about Tina's murder:
"Accidents happen, murders don't"
(someone should write that down)

Rob tries to convince Carla not to turn him in:
"I'll be 60 when I get out"
(yes, but think of all the birthdays you be able to celebrate with Jim McDonald)

Gail has a special favour to ask of Ken:
"I saw you bring the milk in, in your kimono..."
(how the milk got into his kimono, I don't know)

Norris to Katy after Katy wonders if he's hard of hearing:
"My surgeon says I have the ears of a bat"
(I think he was talking about physical resemblance rather than acoustic prowess)

Tracy in her wedding dress:
"How gorgeous am I?"
(you'll look fab in the back seat of a police cruiser)

Tracy to Amy after Amy throws a fit when she loses her bouquet
"Amy, stop being such a drama queen!"
(Pot to Kettle, come in Kettle)

Kevin to Tim re: Tracy's wedding:
"Anybody saying 'I do' to Tracy Barlow is like a turkey voting for Christmas"
(Good one, Kev. The intellectual heft must come with the beard) 

Police officer to Tracy:
"I'm arresting you on the charge of perversion of justice"
(and she wasn't very nice to the harpist either)

Ken's advice to Tracy:
"Be truthful, be straight and be courteous"
(Tracy doesn't do truthful, straight or courteous. How about duplicitous?)

Well, fellow Corriephiles, so ends another week. The cat(fight) is now out of the bag. Tracy is under arrest and Rob is on the run. Carla's in bits and Ken has broken the news about Rob to Peter.
Too bad about the wedding. I was really looking forward to hearing that harp. Thanks for stopping by and I'll meet you back here next week. Cheers!

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