Saturday, June 10, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the back rub from Beyonce edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

"It was more than twenty years ago
Michael Baldwin taught the girls to sew
They've been going in and out of style
But the knickers seem to last a while"

Yes, the venerable Underworld knicker empire is celebrating 20 years of low-to-satisfactory quality in women's apparel. Management invites the workforce to celebrate and Aidan has a big announcement: "Eva, will you do me the great honour of joining me in... saying hello to a new client."

Yes it's more disappointment for Eva as Aidan continues not to pop the question. And why should he while he's playing away with Maria

Meanwhile things seem to going from bad to worse for Bethany. She escapes from Sarah's house, hides down by the canal and is discovered by Craig. But Nathan swoops in and takes her back to his apartment, setting up another sordid evening with his buddies. Worse still, one of his buddies, PC Slimeball Neil, is a police officer.

Ken's memory is slowly coming back and he realizes that it was Daniel - no wait, Adam - who pushed him down the stairs. Meanwhile Adam stuffs Daniel into the trunk of his car in an effort to force him to confess to the assault of his father (yeah, that's the way we get confessions in Canada).

Sally wrongly accuses Gina of trolling her when it was actually Leah. Steve reneges on his deal to sell the pub to Peter. Brian is reluctant to continue his relationship with Cathy for fear of being disloyal to Roy. Norris confesses his fondness for Mary after the duck attack.

And now for a few lines from the week gone by:

Sarah to Bethany re: Nathan:
"He seems a bit controlling"
(that's like saying a hurricane is a little breezy)

David tells Nick he can't always have what he wants:
"I want a back rub from Beyonce but I'm not going to get it"
(maybe Jay-Z could oblige?)

Ken to Adam:
"It was you, wasn't it?"
(I still think it was Eccles)

Norris to Mary:
"I might have exaggerated the effect of the duck attack"
(turns out there was no fowl play involved)

Well, Bistro Buddies, so ends another week with lots of tension on the Street. Let me conclude with a special message to faithful followers. I will be away for a few weeks with (unfortunately) no means of watching Corrie or posting until I return to the Blanche's Polish Hip secret headquarters on July 3. 

My apologies for going AWOL for such a protracted period.  If I can master the technology involved, I may post some "best of" posts during my absence. Till then thanks for dropping by and I hope you're treated to some excellent Coronation Street episodes over the next few weeks. Cheers!

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