Sunday, June 17, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: The Death of a Wales-man edition

your one-stop update on what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

RIP Phelan (I guess).

Yes, it looks like the psycho slaphead came to Weatherfield (from Wales), shot a few people and was summarily dispatched by Anna Windass with a kitchen knife in the Bistro.

All in a day's work on Coronation Street.

While Pat was visiting his grandson, he shot Nicola (she's okay) and took Michelle hostage during Robert and Michelle's wedding, and then shot the bride (she's okay). Quite eventful. Let's just say the hospital was busier than the caterer during the wedding.

The fallout from the episode leaves Gary on the outs with Nicola since it was Gary who brought Phelan back to Weatherfield, let him escape and put everyone's life in danger. Nicola says she doesn't want Gary to see the baby anymore.

Other news?

David makes a report to the police about his rape and Josh is questioned but released.

Gail is willing to pay Rosemary 3,000 pounds to rid the family of the curse of Richard Hillman (I'll do it for 40 bucks and cab fare). But Gail has no money and Roy offers to lend her the cash if the psychic can prove her authenticity. Then Audrey steps in and offers to give Gail the money. Neither yet knows that arch Lothario and bunko artist Lewis Archer is behind the scheme.

The goofball Rosie and drugs story continues as Antoine from America (complete with a fake American accent) shows up with more drugs and another gullible model. A plan is hatched to expose the felon and almost goes awry until Craig steps in to save the day.

Kirk is getting quite chummy with another dog owner.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Mary is not inclined to return to the Bistro after the Phelan violence:
"When I said your creme brulee was to die for, I didn't mean it literally"
(not to mention the death by chocolate cake)

Antoine's drug pal figures out Rosie's scheme:
"Why are you talking into an MP3 player?"
(because the remote control was unavailable?)

Gail explains her desire for an exorcism to Audrey:
"This family is cursed"
(yes, but not by an external entity. The Platts are doing a great job all by themselves) 

Rosie to her fellow model:
"Antoine is using you as a donkey"
(yes, the mules were unavailable)

Maria to Robert at the wedding:
"We all know what an idiot Steve's been"
(yeah. It's common knowledge)

Newly released from jail, Anna arrives just in time to kill Phelan:
"I win"
(I didn't realize it was a contest)

Nicola to Eileen re: Pat:
"He's been dead once before"
(yes, but this time it's official)


Well, Corrie colleagues, so ends another week. Exit Pat, I guess. Things just won't be the same. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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