Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not very PC

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 1st episode on CBC

I'm not sure that Police Constable Mel Morton is really cut out for a career in law enforcement with Weatherfield's finest. It's not that I don't like Mel, I do. But let's review her file one week after she has completed her police training.

Item 1: Mel goes out drinking with her very tall, attractive, sexy, blonde (get on with it - ed) co-worker, Abi. Mel gets slightly sauced and wades in to break up a dispute among a group of annoying, noisy young women (the Spice Girls? - ed). This against the advice of the more experienced Abi who is then obliged to wade in to help Mel and consequently suffers a bang on the noggin, a detached retina and the possible end of her career.

Item 2: Marvellous Mel then returns to the scene of the crime (The Milk Bar: 2 drink & 3 fight minimum) to stalk the foul-mouthed assailant with thoughts of revenge dancing in her head. Only the psychopathic intervention of 'St Teresa' stops Mel from taking the law into her own hands. (You know you're in trouble when Teresa becomes your best mate).

Item 3: Despite all her training and against all common sense, Mel decides to arrest Teresa on charges of suspected murder. She does this immediately after discovering that Teresa was popping extra heart pills into Jerry's tandoori chicken and apple pies. Does Mel assess this information, take Teresa down to the police station, interview her and weigh the merits of such a serious action? No. Instead, she arrests Teresa in Jerry's house right in front of the two confused, young children, Kaylee and Finlay. Strike Three.

All this is hardly inspiring confidence in the constabulary. All I can say is that, so far, Mel is no PC Emma Watts (Remember Curly Watts' wife?). Maybe Mel will learn from her mistakes and become a worthy police officer in the future but, the way things are going, she may not get the chance.

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