Friday, November 13, 2009


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 12 episode on CBC

Yes, it's true. I was AWOL yesterday. I was going to say that I was mugged by the Ed Windass, but it seems that he's far too busy mugging himself to bother about me. Anyhoo, if it's Friday it's time for TGIF ('Tony Gordon, It's Friday'), nominated for six Geminis in the 'ok time-waster' category (get on with it - ed). Let's roll:

Kevin Webster ordering a bottle of the finest champagne at the Rovers:
"...we're celebrating the fact that he’s [John Stape] been sentenced to two years in prison."
(Too bad he didn't get the electric chair, you'd really push the boat out)

Audrey coordinating her staff in order to serve a customer:
"Oh, now Natasha, would you do Mrs. Bromley’s low lights for her"
(But first close the curtains, this could get ugly)

Darryl reminiscing about the good old days:
"You know I used to be in a band? 'Acid Enterprise' Not that we took any drugs mind."
(Too bad, I think it would have helped...)

Kirk describing why his qualities are unique:
"Only trouble is, before they made me, they broke the mould"
(hmmm, I think you've hit the nail on your head...)

Amber telling Dev exactly what he's like:
"Yeah, you've got a narcissistic personality disorder. You're controlling and immature and you've got an inflated sense of your own importance!"
(yeah, and those are his good points)

Norris sharing his brilliant slogan with Emily:
"Oldham, home of the tubular bandage"
(quick, somebody call Nike before another company snaps this up)

Maria can't believe Tony is confessing to a terrible atrocity:
"He’s admitted it. He’s actually admitted it."
(that's right, he doesn't wear anything under his kilt)


Shots from the hip... that's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy tonight's episode and the weekend omnibus edition and remember, no matter how casual you feel, don't go to the Rovers in your pajamas and dressing gown.

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