Friday, January 15, 2010

TGIF Jan 15

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the jan 14 episode on CBC

Well, it's already Friday and time for another installment of 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday' or TGIF. First, a correction. A slight error occurred in last's week edition of TGIF. I mistakenly said that TGIF was 'an award winning' feature. In fact, this was an unfortunate error since TGIF has in fact never won an award (not even a Golden Globe? - ed). As a result, our legal counsel, Slingya, Hook & Bard, have advised us to retract the statement and offer a full apology. Sorry. Now, on to the good stuff, the memorable lines of the week. Excelsior!

Natasha throwing herself at Tony:
"There’s two things I need tonight. A drink and a man. "
(a Scotch and a Scot?)

Kevin describing the menu for tea at Chez Websters:
"Sal’s making ravioli"
(Er, Kevin, I think you mean delicate squares of pasta stuffed with the finest cheeses, herbs and spices that Freshco has to offer)

Natasha insisting that Carla made a mistake when she walked out on Tony:
"I think she missed a trick. Successful. Sensitive, Glaswegian."
(Are you sure you're not thinking of Groundskeeper Willie?)

Barbara, a customer at Audrey's Salon, explaining what hairstyle she wants:
"Make me look like Scarlett Johansson"
(Would you settle for Ena Sharples and a cup of tea?)

Simon's first question on returning home to Peter's apartment:
"How’s Leanne?"
(the rabbit, not the Battersby)

A couple of visitors at Tara's gallery pondering the oeuvres and sipping drinks:
"Could my wife possibly use your loo? Wine goes straight through her"
(Now that's a Kodak moment)

Umed offering yet another pearl of wisdom:
"You know this reminds me of something. Mrs. Gandi once said to me when we were trapped together in a lift during a power cut"
("For pity sake, someone get me out of the here, I'm trapped with Umed"?)

Maria describing Natasha's aggressive dating style:
" you might as well have taken your knickers off and swung them round your head."
(I think Natasha calls that foreplay)

Sally revealing the mysteries of Asian cooking to Tyrone and Molly:
"It’s just a stir fry. It’s the easiest thing in the world as long as you've got your three basic ingredients..."
(superciliousness, pettiness & sarcasm?)


Well, that's it for the week. Thanks as always for dropping by. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weekend Corrie. I'll see you next week in this space. Cheers to all.

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