Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Money from a John

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the April 5 episode on CBC

I know John Stapes got beaten up in the slammer (a heated argument with another inmate about metaphysical poetry... and shivs? - ed), but did he also lose his mind?

First he writes a letter to Rosie Webster which, in itself, is presumptuous (yes, it presumes that Rosie can read - ed). Then he invites her to visit him in the nick (a treat for all those doing hard time - ed) where she succeeds in turning heads with her scanty duds (certainly no place to hide a cake with a file in it - ed). But then, John boy outdoes himself by offering Rosie a gift of 150,000 pounds!

Is he out of his mind? Of course, he would prefer that Rosie use the money wisely for, say, a university education (is he off his chump? Rosie's higher education aspirations are limited to 'studying' vacation brochures) .

Come on, John. Giving Rosie 150,000 pounds is like giving Peter Barlow a liquor store or giving Eddie Windass free access to the cash and carry (been there, done that - ed). Once Rosie figures out what a bank is, she's going to grab that cash and burn through it faster than Graeme Proctor in a petrol factory. Not only that, but don't you think it might be nice to keep Fiz apprised of what you're up to so she doesn't have to hear about it from Rosie the Riveting, out on the Street? Better yet, how about tossing a few quid to Fiz or for Chesney's education? Don't they also qualify for compensation due to your misdeeds?

Hey, I'm no teacher but it seems like there's lesson to be learned here.

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