Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Strong medicine

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 12 episode on CBC

First, dear Hipsters, an apology. Not one of those fake (if I have offended anyone, then I'm sorry..) apologies but a real apology for the unreasonable and outrageous puns which were regretfully thrust upon you in the last post (last post? Here's hoping - ed), TGIF July 9. As one reader (you mean 'the' reader - ed) pointed out, this was cruel and unusual punishment and I vow to reduce my pun usage by 30-50% in the future.

Now, to an equally troubling issue: Luke Strong. Like most Corrie fans, I was delighted to see Luke appear on the scene to do battle with Tony Gordon and perhaps put him in his place (Scotland? - ed). Luke seemed to be the proverbial white knight: handsome, smart, mandated by Carla to keep Tony off balance and represent her interests vis a vis Underworld and Ladrags (whatever happened to ladrags.. and Tom? - ed).

It was great to see Tony sparring with Luke until Mr. Strong started showing chinks in his armour, some disturbing signs.

First sign: he doesn't seem to have much cash. When the VAT payment came up, Luke was a little, how you say, stretched. His solution? Take money from the weakest link in the Underworld chain of command: Rosie Webster.

Second sign: In order to keep Rosie 'sweet', he starts dating her. Nothing like dating a teenager in order to get some of her money to make you look like a pillar of integrity. Then, when Rosie wants to take their relationship to the next level (mezzanine? - ed), by moving into Victoria Flats, Luke decides to pull the plug.

Third sign: I'm no big fan of Rosie but even she doesn't deserve to get dumped in the Rovers in some sort of shabby public spectacle. Nice one, Luke. Real classy and just for good measure, Luke then asks Michelle mere seconds after Rosie has huffed out of the pub.

I was kinda hoping that Luke was made of stronger stuff.

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  1. What? No puns?

    Disappointedly yrs,
    the reader