Friday, September 3, 2010

TGIF September 3

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 2 episode on CBC

Is it Friday already? Time flies when you're terrified of Tony. Speaking of which, looks like it's time for that award-winning feature which you can't forget (try as you might), 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' or TGIF, our regular round-up of some memorable lines of the week. Yowsa!

Tony divulging the fruits of his lengthy chats with Roy:
"I know all about their habitats, their mating behavior"
(Is he talking about the crested newts... or the Croppers?)

Roy reveals the ugly truth about Tony to Hayley:
"He was lying about the newts"
(yeah, that scumbag doesn't know the first thing about their habitat)

Rick the loan shark objects to the term 'loan shark':
" Our outfit provides a valuable public service"
(who else makes leg breaking, house calls these days?)

Sally summarizes her objections to John Stape's return:
"He’s a sick pervert who happens to use a dictionary!"
(we only want perverts who can't spell living here, thank you very much)

Tony makes a not-so-subtle threat to Roy:
"You forget what you think it is you know and maybe, just maybe, we can avoid another tragic accident"
(spilled brown sauce on the bed sheets in the ICU?)

Ted tells Gary about his time served in Malaysia::
"Let me put it this way... I left a few of my demons in those far off lands"
(No, I'm afraid Gail is still here)

Dev asks Sean if Jessie is bulimic:
"Semi, he’s got the binging part nailed."
(And it looks like Eileen will have his other part nailed soon)

Sean describes Julie's mysterious behavior:
"She’s keeping her cards very close to her c cups"

Well, that's it for another week. Enjoy the long weekend and stay tuned for more hip next week. Thanks to all for stopping by and best wishes.

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