Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elevated Threat Level

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 1 episode on CBC

I must confess I had trouble keeping my spotted dick down last night while watching the show (whoa whoa, remember it's a family blog - ed). First there was the inevitable 'morning after': John and Fiz descending the stairs after John's first conjugal visit only to find that Sally had thoughtfully 'darkened' the living room windows, no doubt to preserve a mysterious, romantic mood.

Then there was Maria and Tony, getting all McFrisky and trying to make Tony's heart rate monitor increase to the 'alive' level (try saying the word 'Carla', that usually gets him going - ed). I swear, if Gail and Joe had gone all 'nautical' again on the HMS Love Boat parked in her driveway (steady as she goes, sailor - ed), I would have lost it.

Fortunately, the counterpoint to all this hanky panky is Tony and Roy. Now that Tony is back to his old self, he is taking the bull by the horns and threatening Roy. So far, so good. But just how will Tonemeister try to  do the dirty deed. Just off the top of my head, I would wager that Roy may:
 - accidentally get run over by a 'woody'
-  get attacked by a flock of bats
-  get hit on the head with Roberts Rules of Order at the next Weatherfield Historical Society meeting

-  fall down the quarry while creating a habitat for a crested newt
- accidentally fall into the deep fryer while making chips
- find himself wearing a lead anorak in the canal

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