Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ken Barlow vs George Wilson

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Oct 27 episode on CBC

Hello and welcome to another edition of 'Point and Counterpoint'. My name is Corrie Heart and my guest tonight is Kenneth Barlow, an educator and fierce proponent of public schools and barge-dwelling, comely, amateur thespians. Also my guest tonight, George Wilson, a wealthy bloke with a lot of dosh, a semi-trophy wife and a big mansion somewhere outside Weatherfield. George favours private schools and thinks Simon, his grandson, should be in one. Let's start with Ken. Why should Simon stay at Bessie Street School?

Ken: Bessie Street is a perfectly good school and there's nothing wrong with a public education. It's the foundation of an egalitarian British society. Plus they put on a really good Christmas nativity play even though Peter was admittedly drunk during last year's performance. But that's all changed since his steady relationship with a former escort/arsonist. Besides I went to Bessie Street School!

George: Exactly! I don't want Simon to grow up wandering around Coronation Street like a sad sack intellectual having it off with every woman who reads Virginia Woolf and likes a dry Chianti. That's why Simon needs to go to a nice, posh private school where he can learn to ride horses, play polo and dress in tweed -- all at the same time (like Prince Charles).

Ken:  Private schools breed superiority and class snobbery. It will make Simon look down on everyone else and his own family.

George: Public schools breed mediocrity. I want the best for Simon and I can afford it. Why shouldn't he have the best education that money can buy?

Ken: You puffed up capitalist. You could stand to lose a few pounds!

George: You geriatric supermarket trolley pusher. You could stand to earn a few pounds!

CH: Gentlemen, gentlemen! I'm afraid we're going to have to end it there. We've run out of time. Tomorrow, our special guest will be Rosie Webster who attended a private school and went on to become a successful roller-skating, cherry vodka sales representative. See you then and thanks for tuning in. 

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  1. LOL! Is there no end to the material Rosie generates for these posts? I hope not!