Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF: Gail Platt wedding edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Oct 28 episode on CBC

Could wedding Number Five be the charm for Gail?  Let's review: Brian Tilsley (mechanic), Brian again (don't ask), Martin Platt (toy boy), Richard Hillman (psycho killer) and now Joe McIntyre (bankrupt, clinically depressed, back pain, prescription pill addiction, loan shark problems). Yikes. She'd have better luck in the 'women seeking wackos' section of Craigslist or the spam section of eHarmony. But I digress. In honour of Gail's nuptials, let's wish her the best and offer up some of the memorable Platt-related lines of the week in this edition of 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday'. Roll 'em:

Ted to Gail, thoughtfully comparing Nick with David:
"He’s not like David, is he? And I’m not running David down when I say that."
(although it's a not a bad idea)

Desperate Joe manages to get four grand from Ted:
"Ted, I am forever in your debt"
(Ted, Rick, whoever... the important thing is that you're forever in debt)

Gail reflects on her good fortune in meeting Joe:
"I know I’m lucky having someone special in my life"
(unfortunately it will probably be Rick the loan shark)

Gail has an important question for Nick:
"Will you be the ring bearer for me?"
(actually, in Canada, we call it the 'finger hoop carrier', eh)

Graeme assesses a photo of Norris in the local newspaper:
"It’s a surly, short, old baldy bloke in a tank top."
(Sorry, I know this is supposed to be a Gail-themed TGIF, but I couldn't resist)

Sean keeps his fingers crossed about Gail's latest choice of hubby:
"Hey, let’s hope this one is not as mad as a tree like the last one"
(Oh he is, she just hasn't 'twigged' yet...)

Is that really Dido I hear as Gail walks down the aisle?
"I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life"
(Well, it could have been worse, they played Kylie Minogue for previous wedding...)


Well, fellow Corrie fans, that's it for the week. I really hope Gail survives this marriage and I wish her well -- but, with a loan shark turning up as the first guest to the reception, things are not off to an auspicious start. Ah well. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting and, as always, thanks for the nice comments. Have a good weekend and a Happy Halloween.

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