Thursday, July 21, 2011

Natasha Blakeman's long goodbye

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 19 episode on CBC

Everyone on the Street seems to assume that Natasha is gone for good just because she took off in a fancy taxi. That may be but before she left, she had a few choice words for a few choice people. So, without further ado, here's a special Thursday edition of TGIF featuring some of Natasha's zingers. Take it away, Ms Blakeman:

Natasha stops in at the salon to tell David his place on the evolutionary scale:
"You're down there with the snakes"
(hey, that's an insult to snakes!)

Natasha waltzes into the Bookies to thank Leanne:
"You made me wake up and smell the bitchfest"
(I guess that's a new kind of aromatherapy)

Natasha has a quick word with Peter as he comes into the bookies:
"Look Leanne in the eye and ask her if she loves you"
(can she use her 'phone a friend' before she answers?)

and finally, Natasha walks into the clinic to tell Gail how she feels:
"I just wanted to say I never liked you."
(Don't sugar coat it, tell her how you really feel)

Natasha takes another shot at her Gailness:
"That top's too small for you"
(either that or her body's too big..)

Natasha again:
"Chop you in half and we'd see all the rings. How old are you Gail? 103?"
(she doesn't look a day over 91)

Natasha's final shot to Gail as Dr. Hunky arrives on the scene:
"Was it appropriate for you to illegally access my medical records?"
(only when no-one is watching)

Natasha walks out of the clinic after Dr. Hunky fires Gail:
"Back of the net!"
(now she's gotta run, it's time for her meds)


  1. I'll miss Natasha. I always liked her off the wall comments. These last few weeks the actress did an outstanding job conveying all the different emotions Natasha was feeling. Most of all, I loved the way she nailed Gail before leaving Weatherfield!

  2. I agree that Natasha really showed how good she can be when she has something substantial to work with. She carried off her last visit to the Street with a nice blend of emotional distress and calm lucidity. And, yes, the Gail 'put-down' was indeed the icing on the cake. Thanks for the comments and all the best, CH