Friday, October 15, 2010

TGIF October 15

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Oct 14 episode on CBC

Well, the week ends on a sombre note in the Webster household. As for the Dobbs household, well, who knows what will happen. The potent combination of karaoke and impending news of marital infidelity could mean that someone will be spending the night at 'Heartbreak Hotel' (turn right at Lonely Street, can't miss it - ed). In the meantime, it's time for TGIF ('Tony Gordon, It's Friday'), our pick of some of the more memorable lines from this week's Corrie. Hit it:

Eileen looks at her son, Jason, and expresses herself emotionally:
"Every now and then I look at you and I think I gave birth to that."
(Ahhhh, I wonder if Hallmark makes a card with that inscription?)

Simon has his heart set on getting a dog:
"Can we have a greyhound?"
(No, son, but if you're very good, we can place a bet on one)

Prince Charming (Steve) is reluctant to kiss Claire:
"Can’t Cinderella cop off with somebody else?"
(It's a panto, not eharmony)

Simon is still keen on getting a dog:
"If I got a greyhound, I'd call him stripey"
('cause that's what Auntie Tracey's prison uniform looks like)

The pastor invites his baptismal candidate into the water:
"Sophie, will you join me in the baptism pool?"
(the water's fine)

Nick Tilsley makes smalltalk in a bar with a young fox known only as 'Tina':
"My mum’s getting married to this bloke who’s a waste of space"
(whoa, watch it, you're talking to Mr. waste-of-space's daughter)

Jesse comments on the size of ugly stepsister Sean's chest:
"Looks like you're trying to smuggle a couple of orphans out of the country to Madonna"

Joe helpfully summarizes his recent history for Nick:
"I had a back problem, followed by my addiction to painkillers..."
(could you speed it up, Joe, he's only going to be here for a few weeks)

Amy brings down the house with her unexpected ad lib:
(No comment)


Well, that's it for another week. Thanks for yesterday's comment and for stopping by at the Hip. This week marks the departure of our dear Blanche. I believe her last word on the show was 'Alleluia', referring to the fact that Ken and Peter had finally agreed to put aside their disagreement. Enjoy the weekend and the omnibus edition. Cheers to all and meet you here next week.

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