Friday, December 10, 2010

Tony Gordon, It's Friday - the 'oops' edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Dec 9 edition on CBC

Once again, my apologies for a misleading headline in yesterday's post (since corrected). The person responsible has been reprimanded, fired, re-hired and given a good talking to (a quiet word is also planned for later today - ed). But let's not dwell on past mistakes, let's rush headlong into a brand new batch with this week's edition of 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday', a compendium of some of the memorable lines from the week. Let's get at it:

David can't help but remind Gail of her bad choices in men:
"Mum, you're the one who married that basket case."
(hey, David, shouldn't you be driving a car into the canal or something?)

Eileen offers to help Jesse move his props into the backyard:
"Come on, let’s move your tepee"
(I bet that's the best offer he's had all week)

Graeme tries to entice David to the Rovers for a lunchtime beverage:
"Everything looks better through the amber glow of a lunchtime lager"
(especially a hotpot)

Auntie Grishma wants to know why Sunita & Dev don't have more kids:
"Do you have fertility problems?"
(wow, that's what I call cutting to the chase!)

Carla confesses her vices to Leanne:
"Half five every day, I get chardonnay withdrawal"
(Good job you've got that Robert Mondavi intravenous in your office)

Steve recounts Becky's extreme inactivity apparently due to pregnancy:
"I had to peel her satsuma"
(please, what happens in your bedroom stays in your bedroom)

Steve doesn't like to see Eileen when she's happy:
"I like to come in here, see you with a gob on and then I know all’s well with the world"
(don't worry, Jesse will make sure that happens)

Jesse tells Eileen that he's taking his parents on vacation to Egypt:
"They've always wanted to see the pyramids"
(You might want to get yourself entombed while you're over there... because she's certainly going to kill you when you get back)

Gail tells Tina the truth about Joe's disappearance:
"He’s not working in the lakes. I lied to you"
(This is awful! Who's going to install the kitchen for those poor people at the Cumbria senior residence?)

Tina can't believe Joe's hairbrained scheme:
"No one fakes their own death"
(You seem to be right)


That's it for the week. Hope you enjoyed Corrie Crazy (I haven't watched it yet but I recorded it and will watch it this weekend with a Carla-sized glass of white wine and a sarnie. Mmmm. Thanks for stopping by, for reading my befuddled musings and for the comments. Have a great weekend and meet me back here next week. Cheers!

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