Thursday, August 9, 2012

Carla's bro boosts Coronation Street's BQ

please note this post makes reference to the August 8 episode on CBC

What's BQ, you ask?  It's a scientific metric which we, at Blanche's Polish Hip,  use in our labs to measure the ratio of male-to-sexiness on Coronation Street. In laypunter's terms, it's called the Beefcake Quotient (BQ). For example, Kirk Sutherland (nice fella that he is) tends to cause a decrease in the BQ on the Coronation Street while Dr. Carter tends to create an.. um.. upswing (I'm with you so far -ed).

Thus, the surprise appearance of Carla's mysterious bad boy sibling has, in the words of our receptionist Abby Downton, "deffo put the spice in Old Spice."  So what do we really know about this "Rob" apart from the fact that he's easy on the eyes?

Well, first we know that he is fresh from doing time in the nick (well, who hasn't on Coronation Street? It's like the price of admission to the Street - ed)

We also know that he doesn't like Peter Barlow as evidenced by his manhandling of PB (BTW, that doesn't stand for Personal Best - ed) and takes dim view of Carla's taste in men (Tony Gordon? Frank Foster? Surely not? - ed)

And we know that Rob has "issues" with his sis about their Mum. Looks like Rob was forced to carry the load which necessitated him breaking the law to earn some cash which resulted in a prison sentence at a little barbed wire B&B called Strangeways. (anyone can make a mistake - ed)

But, on the plus side he likes the ale at the Rovers, already thinks PB is a plank and seems to be very interested in the fair Michelle.

As they say on those wildlife documentaries, I guess "nature will take its course" (actually, in this case, it's more like the survival of the 'fittest' - ed)

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