Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Saint' Nick Tilsley wants to get into ladies underwear

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Dec 8 episode on CBC


Geez. I haven't seen so many underwater shots on an episode of Corrie since Peter Barlow's sub disappeared off the coast of Ireland in search of a sunken bottle of Grey Goose (das booze? - ed). But I digress, my question of the day is: what's up with Nick Tilsley?

The last I heard of him he was living in Vancouver (somewhere near Full English Bay - ed) but apparently his residency in the Canada didn't take (couldn't get a decent barm cake - ed) and he wound up in Nottingham working in the garment business.

It was nice of Nick to return to Weatherfield for his mam's latest headcase marriage (David's term, not mine) and then return again to 'Plattsburgh' because he was having miscellaneous problems with his landlord and evidently there were no other housing options available in the Greater Nottingham Area (How about Little John's B&B? - ed).

No sooner does Saint Nick return to Weatherfield than he strides over to Underworld and pushes his way into Carla's office looking to became a partner in the business based solely on the fact that he used to work at the factory and apparently likes the cut of her jib. (well, Carla does have a very attractive jib - ed).  (Apparently, he's very interested in getting into ladies' knickers). Carla then discovers that her pal, Leanne, once had a thing with Nick (yes, but that was two 'Nicks' ago - ed).  Then, Nicko storms off and out of Gail's house because he doesn't believe her tales of the sea and suspects Joe is up to no good.  Just what Gail needs right now: more aggravation.


  1. "Just what Gail needs right now: more aggravation."

    Which is good, because we all know that's what she's in for...

  2. I thought this post was going to be about Joe McIntyre...?

  3. Hi, thanks for the comment and sorry about the snafu. I got my headlines mixed up (I'm planning on doing a Joe M eulogy soon). I'll make the correction later today when I do Tony Gordon It's Friday. all the best, Corrie Heart