Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Coronation Street Jail Report

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the jan 5 episode on CBC

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 'Jail Report', your latest update on who's in and who's out of the nick. If you're anything like me ('re really unfortunate - ed), you have trouble remembering who's in the slammer and who's not in the slammer, and, who was in the slammer at one time or another. Let's recap:

                               In jail                  out of                               it's
                                                        jail/juvie                     complicated             

Gail  Platt                yes                          -                         *trial pending

John Stape               -                          yes                        *married inside

Gary Windass          -                          yes                         *David-related

Deirdre Barlow        -                          yes                        *bigamist-related

Tony Gordon          yes                         -                           * 'muderer'

Kevin Webster        -                          yes                          *Stape-related

Graeme Proctor      -                         yes                                 -

David Platt               -                           yes                          *will surely be back

Tracy Barlow          yes                         -                             *parole pending

Jackie Dobbs           -                           yes                          *will surely be back

Steve Macdonald    -                          yes                            *long time ago

Becky Granger         -                           yes                           *stitched up


  1. Wow!! 12 of Corrie's characters in the slammer at one time or another. If Jim were still on the show, that's 13. I do miss Jim. Mary

  2. Hmm...wasn't Sunita behind bars for a little while...something to do with immigration fraud? And Mad Maya is still there...