Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poetic Justice & John Stape

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Jan 11 episode on CBC

Do you get the feeling that John Stape is always a hair's-breadth away from going off his nut again? (Sorry, I mean, "still harbouring emotional scars related to his anger management issues with Rosie Webster"). It could happen any time, especially now that he's back to teaching again and conveniently forgot to mention to his boss that he was banged up in the Weatherfield Nick for several months (I believe he said he was 'travelling', visiting exotic locales like his cell and the shower - ed).

It's those adult education students I feel sorry for. What happens if Johnny Boy loses it again during one of his riveting sessions about the Romantic poets?  It could go something like this...

"My name’s John Stape. I’m taking over from Mr. Guest. Do call me John, won’t you? I’ll try to remember all of your names. Of course, there's one name I'd really like to forget and that's Rosie Webster, that tacky teen tart who ruined my life by being kidnapped by me and held in my Gran's attic. But enough about me, let's get to the Romantics...". 

or maybe,

"Yes, so as I was saying, the Romantics aren’t safe and boring and spending all their time writing poems about daffodils. They don't waste their time reading moronic tabloids or gossip magazines or flouncing around showing off their bodies, seducing honest men and forcing them to kidnap them and keep them locked away because they ruined my life... Oh sorry what time are we supposed to finish?"

You see? And that's only the first class. Just wait till he starts teaching 'Don Juan' by Byron or 'The Rime of Rosie Webster' by Coleridge... I'm sure he'll lose it and go ballistic.

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