Thursday, January 13, 2011

No bail just jail for Gail

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Jan 12 episode on CBC

Four months before Gail's case goes to trial! Holy Mackerel, I don't think I can take four months of Gail simpering in a cell while her very nice young lady friend cellmate plays cards and reminisces about the beach at Morecambe. In case you missed it, Gail's bail appeal didn't go very well in that it was denied. Seems she's a flight risk and could hop on a Virgin Atlantic flight at any time to escape her heinous alleged crimes.

Oh well, maybe Nick Tilsley will be able to find some time in his busy schedule to visit Mom in jail once or twice before the case goes to trial. What's with him anyway? Why does Nick have an aversion to the nick?

And here's another question about the Platt family. Where the hell is Sarah Louise?  Does she know her Mom is in jail for murder? Might be nice to drop by for an hour or two before Gail gets sent down, but oh wait, Bethany has the sniffles and Milan's Pizza Pizza has a two-for-one special this weekend. Can't miss that.

Then there's David. How stupid can he possibly be? (well, he did drive his car into the canal - ed). Tampering with witnesses? The way things are going, we could soon see two Platts behind bars.(well, at least there's some light at the end of the tunnel then - ed).

And last, but not least, what about Audrey? Will she make up with Gail or simply get chummy with Lewis and forget all her troubles with a long-term romance? And, if Audrey does more spend time with Lewis, will he give her a discount or charge her full price? Maybe he can accompany her to Her Majesty's Prison to see Gail. I wonder what the going rate is for jail visits?


  1. I can only watch the show on the website, so I'm only up to last Friday at the moment, but I did the mental math with our 10 month lag and figured that they must be in about March, which I guess would make it 4 months before Gail goes to trial in July. What I don't understand is how this is even legally possible. Don't they have "due process" laws in England that prevent people from being locked up for unreasonable lengths of time without a trial? Did they even mention the notion of due process in Tuesday's episode? I'm all for seeing Gail suffer for a while for her stupidity, but 4 months is bordering on American-style Gitmo indefinite lock-up!

  2. Oops, I meant yesterday's episode, which I guess was Wednesday. Hard to keep track of days at the beginning of the semester!

  3. And don't forget loving Father Ted, who last we heard had the flu. Unless he's at death's door, no excuse not to be there to support Gail. Unless the actor who plays him is totally unavailable, shame on the writers for leaving Ted out of this storyline!

    As for Audrey, I can see a good storyline if Rita would decide to become a 'client' of Lewis' too!