Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome Colin Fishwick!

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Jan 31 episode on CBC

I'm so excited I can hardly finish my Timbits (it's amazing how filling a whole box can be -ed). Colin Fishwick, noted pedagogical master and suave man-about-town, is leaving the Greater Manchester Area, packing up and heading to... wait for it... Canada. Lucky us! What did we do to deserve such a distinguished, towering academic intellect whose philosophy to teaching (you mean crowd control - ed) is so inciteful (water cannons? - ed).

Well, you know what they say, Weatherfield's gain is Canada's loss (or something like that). Although John Stape calls Colin a "puffed up soulless arrogant pig", it's probably just an affectionate nick name (you know, like 'squidgey' or something). Anyway, lucky Colin joins a small but illustrious group of hardy ex-Coronation Street characters who have been banished... er I mean 'honoured',,, in this way. I believe Steven (Gail's half-brother) was consigned to Vancouver and ol' Nicky lived with him for a while. Other than that, the only enduring recognition of Canada was the fact that Big Jim Macdonald used to regularly wear a Toronto Blue Jay's t-shirt. (He probably used a baseball bat too -ed).

But now, the esteemed Colin Fishwick is ready to join the Canadian Contingent of Corrie ex-pats. Roy astutely notes that Canada is a "big place" . (i.e. lots of bat habitat -ed). Colin is attracted by Canada's three assets: fresh air, maple syrup, Kim Cattrall (sex in the tundra - ed). Anyway, Colin thinks Canada rocks. Just wait till he experiences a full-on Canadian winter (or a Maple Leaf hockey game - ed). He'll wish he was back in an unruly Manchester classroom.

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