Friday, August 12, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The 'which Platt is in court now?' edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the  August 11 episode on CBC

Geez, the Platt's spend so much time in the courthouse, they should think about buying a timeshare (ba dum). I hear Ted stays up at night looking for loopholes in Gail's birth certificate. (ba dum)  Please, don't get me started. Then there's Maria Sutherland displaying her impeccable taste in men once again. First a murderer, now a wife beater. Blimey! She'd meet a better class of bloke scanning the Alcatraz Craigslist (ba dum). But I digress. Let's take a look at some of the more memorable lines of the week in a little something I call TGIF or Tony Gordon, It's Friday.  Onward:

Ashley summarizes his wife's French vocabulary:
"Je m'appelle Claire"
(Tu t'appelles henpecked)

Ashley tells Claire and Yvonne that he cannot abide Euro-farmers:
"I'll never forget what those farmers did to our sheep"
(one can only imagine...)

Yvonne tells Claire that Ashley may not agree to leave England:
"What if he refuses to leave this green and unpleasant land?"
(Hey, that's no way to talk about the Red Rec)

Rosie tells Jason he's a narcissist:
"If loving yourself was a country, you'd be Africa"
(He certainly knows how to shake Djibouti)

Claire tells her Mom that she will force Ashley to move to France:
"Men like Ashley need drip feeding"
(And Claire's just the drip to do it)

Ashley puts his foot down about moving to France:
"I don't want to hear the F-word used in this house again"
(but swearing is okay)

Gail tells Dev to stop lecturing her about the Platt family problems:
"I'm well aware of my family's shortcomings"
(Shortcomings? That's like saying World War II was a minor disagreement)

Anna tells Roy that Kylie is not pulling her weight at the cafe:
"She's about as much use as a brain surgeon with a twitch"
(take two voddies and call her in the morning)

Rosie can't believe that Jason wants to be paid for his labour after their sexy photo shoot together
" got paid to see me in lingerie"
(usually the punters can do that for free)


Looks another week, another Platt in trouble with the law. Who's next? Ted arrested for leaving the opera at intermission? Audrey for blow drying with criminal intent?  I guess we'll just have to find out. And for goodness sake, someone tell Maria to stop dating felons. Have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting and reading.  We'll meet back here at Blanche's Polish Hip next week. In the meantime, cheers and all the best!

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