Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kevin & Sally's infidelity scorecard

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Sept 20 episode on CBC

Is it all over between Sally and Kevin? I'll admit, it looks bad. It's not just the fact that Kev played away. But he only stopped playing away when Sally was diagnosed with cancer. And he was playing away with his best friend's wife. And he has a baby as a result of his playing away (actually it does look pretty bad - ed).

But let's not be hasty. As you probably know, neither Kev nor Sally are saints. Neither is above doing the horizontal mambo while being married. Let's take a quick look at the infidelity scorecard:

Playing Away (extra-marital affairs)

Kevin: 2  (Nathalie the garage owner; Molly, wife of Tyrone) 
Sally:   (Greg, the Underworld exec; Ian, the car dealership guy)

Playing Fair (affairs while divorced or separated)

Kevin: 2  (Molly (no, not that Molly. I think this one was a nurse); Alison (bit of a headcase)
Sally:   3 (Chris, the garage mechanic; Martin (yes that Martin while camping I think); Danny, the barrow guy from the market)

Seems like they're pretty well matched in some ways...

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