Sunday, October 23, 2011

Betty Turpin tweets

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 21 episode on CBC

As you may know, our dear Betty Turpin (Betty Driver) passed away a week or so ago. Since Canadian Corrie is several months behind UK Corrie episodes, we are still able to enjoy her at her irascible, irrepressible best while she serves the punters in Rovers Return. Thus, for example, we get to witness a priceless exchange between Betty and Rosie Webster as Rosie expounds on the concept of Twitter to a very skeptical Betty. Betty, of course, doesn't get the concept of tweeting the minutiae of your daily life, nor does she know who Kanye West is. And Betty herself certainly doesn't tweet but if she did, I wonder what her tweets would look like...

@bettyturpin My Cyril would take a dim view of all this twittering. Come to think of it. I’m none too impressed either.

@bettyturpin So this is tweeting. Can’t say I think much of it. During the war you would have been arrested for it. Loose lips sink ships and all that

@bettyturpin That Rosie Webster says she gets tweets from Kanye West, wherever that is. I suppose Kanye is east of there.

@bettyturpin In my day, if you wanted to know what people were doing, you didn’t tweet, you went round to their house and knocked on the door.

@bettyturpin I prefer getting my information from the cinema newsreels. I wouldn’t want to count on Rosie Webster to tell me what Hitler was up to…
Betty Driver, 1920-2011.  A true Corrie any measure. She will be missed.

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