Friday, November 25, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: the scratch card edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Nov 24 episode on CBC

Liz is gone. Jim's back in the big house. Tommy Duckworth is trying it on. Roy has mother issues. Fiz and John are embroiled in the Fishwick Fallout. Gail wants to be manager of Nick's trendy, sophisticated bistro. Just another week on the Street and that means it's time for another edition of that award-winning feature (the 'participant' medal doesn't count - ed) which we like to call TGIF, a quick review of some of the week's memorable lines. Let's roll:

Claudia is anxious to go back to her place with Marc for a night time birthday 'treat':
"I know what I'm going to be unwrapping tonight"
(matching night gowns I would think...)

Kirk tells Maria that he likes looking after baby Liam.  
"Apart from the crying, the not-sleeping and the smell, he's a right laugh"
(is he talking about Kirk or the baby?)

Katy has some important news for Chesney:
"It's not just a take-away curry I've got in the oven."
(you mean there's nan too? Brilliant!)

Roy explains his mother's disagreeable demeanour:
"I think rude is her default setting"
(How about re-booting her?)

Bill Webster makes his return and offers advice to Kevin:
"One thing I've learned about women..."
(and yes, it is just one thing)

Anna Windass doesn't agree with Eddie's plan to leave England:
"We are not moving to Germany"
(Phew! One less thing for Angela Merkel to worry about)

Roy's mother tells Hayley she is not a hugger:
"Excessive displays of emotion make me nauseous"
(please make your feelings known in written form without the use of verbs)

Sally tells Rosie she is shocked by an indecent proposal:
"Tommy Duckworth invited me to become his sugar mummy"
(you might need more scratch cards to finance that idea...)

Gail tells Audrey she would make a good counsellor:
"People tell me things. I've got that kind of face"
(Things such as, 'I don't like your face' ?)


Well, punters and puntettes, that's it for another week. Thanks for dropping by and visiting. Always a pleasure to enjoy your company here at the Hip. Hope you have a great weekend and, if you're an omnibus watcher, enjoy your Sunday morning. I'll be back next week and I hope to see you here. Cheers!


  1. Dear Hip,

    Naan bread.

    Yr. loyal consumer,

  2. Hi and thanks for the comment. Please be assured that, as an enthusiastic consumer of Indian take-aways, I am suitably embarrassed. (God only knows how I've been spelling papadum all these years).
    Thanks again and all the best, CH