Friday, December 2, 2011

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: the Basingstoke edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Dec 1 episode on CBC

Three (well, four) questions:
1. What's with Lloyd's new hairstyle? Is he auditioning for the lead in Mod Squad?
2. Did Jethro Tull have Steve MacDonald in mind when he released 'Thick as a Brick'?
3. Is Amphora the Greek word for small, clay penis? (Because that's what Ken's pottery looks like)

Now on to the main event, Tony Gordon It's Friday, the weekly roundup of memorable lines. Get it on:

Mary explains that her voyages in the camper van have necessitated a level of skill in car mechanics:
"When you travel alone, you get used to servicing yourself"
(Sounds auto erotic)

Ken is enthusiastic at the prospect of night classes:
"There's nothing like adult education"
(as long as it's for consenting adults)

Ken and Deirdre's enthusiastic teacher starts the lesson:
"Let's pot!"
(Aren't you missing a verb in there?"

The fake marriage inspector grills Graeme about Xin's habits:
"Where does your wife keep her nail polish?"
(on her nails?)

Deirdre proudly presents her finished pottery:
"It's an Etruscan Amphora"
(Hey, what Etruscans do in their spare time is their business)

The pottery teacher is impressed with Deirdre:
"These hands were made for throwing"
(Ken should know, He's been at the receiving end for many years)

Ken tells Deirdre that the pottery teacher is a sham:
"He wouldn't know an Etruscan vase if Tracy hit him on the head with one"
(Shhh! Don't give her any ideas)

Charlotte's father is perplexed by John's money donations:
"Why are you putting money through our letter box?"
(Because the mail service is so damn slow!)

Mary threatens Norris in order to squeeze gossip out of him:
"Tell me or I'll sing"
(isn't that against the Geneva Convention?)

Mary doesn't want to return to her camper van in case of a burglar:
"What if a thief breaks in while I'm asleep"
(well, you better leave the door open so he can get out before the trauma sets in)

Julie wants to know if new boss Frank will be taking the afternoon off, like the workers:
"Will you be having it off as well?"
(yes, probably on Carla's desk)


Well, faithful Corrie Colleagues, it's all over for another week. I hope you enjoyed the week's episodes and if you're watching the marathon Sunday omnibus, then I salute your dedication. have a great weekend and thanks as always for stopping by and visiting the Hip. Cheers!

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