Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coronation Street poker games

please note: this post makes reference to the March 14 episode on CBC

Well, fair punters, today is C-Day (Coronation Street Day) in Montreal as the four stars of the Canada's most beloved pre-prime time TV show take to the stage this evening at Place des Arts to share their Tales of the Street. Sadly, still no word on the unique offer made by this blog of an all-expense, paid gourmet lunch (poutine or smoked meat sandwiches) for Ashley, Claire, Jim and Andy.

Ah well, let's talk poker. Specifically, the history of poker on Corrie. At last night's game, there was Karl, Ciaran, Kirk, Peter and Dev.  As you can probably guess, Ciaran bet his wedding hall deposit of £1,000 and lost to Karl, the grinning jackanape, who promptly went and lost it to Peter at the betting shop. On Coronation Street, we call that the 'Circle of Life'.

But this is not the first poker game on Corrie. It's a bit of a tradition which pops up every now and then. I can't remember them all, but I do know that Mike Baldwin was involved in quite a few.

On one occasion, Mike was playing cards with a group that included Don Brennan, a taxi driver who was married to Gail's mother-in-law. Mike and Don disliked each other so, as is usually the case, this poker game was a grudge match and Don foolishly wagered and lost his taxi to Mike. (Sound familiar?)

The there was another memorable match involving, among others, Danny Baldwin, Fred Elliot and Mike Baldwin in the back room at the Rovers. On this occasion, Mike and Fred were having the grudge match and the stakes (as usual) went way out of proportion as Mike puts up his share of the factory and Fred is forced to see him with the butcher's shop. I can't remember exactly how this one turned out, but I believe Mike (ever the card shark) won the game.

So, by comparison, Ciaran's loss to Karl was really a walk in the park -- until, of course, Michelle finds out.

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