Friday, March 16, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the runaway groom edition

please note: this post makes reference to the March 15 episode on CBC

Not long ago, Blanche's Polish Hip complained that the CBC didn't provide adequate warning about Corrie schedule disruptions. We asked, nay demanded, some kind of crawl at the bottom of the screen to warn us in advance when our regular flow of Corrie was to be interrupted. Well, I'm happy to say that the CBC responded with a screen crawl so large and frequent that I'm sure it was spotted by the Hubble telescope. Thank you Peter Mansbridge for personally taking care of this. Be assured that some fresh-minted Canadian Tire money is making its way to your dressing room in a brown paper envelope (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

As for Corrie, it seems that Dennis Tanner is hiding a secret (a profound, sensual love for Norris? - ed). Apparently he jilted a fair maiden and left her standing at the altar. We'll learn more in due course, no doubt, but until then here's a little TGIF or Tony Gordon, It's Friday - our award-deprived feature with some of the week's memorable lines.

Dr. Carter's ex, Jenny,  tells Tina how she met Matt:
"It was love among the test tubes"
(he should have let the Bunsen burn her)

Chesney's last words to Schmeichel:
"Brave Boy"

Mary tells Norris what turns her on:
"I've always found the fishing forecasts very evocative"
(she gets turned on by short-wave radio)

Sally gets stroppy with Fiz:
"Thanks to you, Rosie was kidnapped twice"
(If he were still alive, ol Stape would probably go for the hat trick)

Julie tells Brian she prefers sex to UFO spotting
"I thought you might fancy some al fresco amour"
(sounds like a close encounter of the worst kind)

Denis is angry that Norris blabbed his personal story to the press:
"Why don't you mind your own business you nosy little man"
(If we knew the answer to that, we'd be rich)

Kirk reveals the truth about who won at poker and gets aggro for it:
"I hate being me sometimes"
(imagine how other people feel)

Sunita describes Dev when he has something to brag about:
"He's like a peacock on steroids"
(peacocks are much more modest)

Norris insists that Norma, Dennis' fiance, can confide in him:
"Discretion's my middle name"
(oh, I thought it was 'busybody')

Well, dear punters and punterettes, that's it for another week. The four Coronation Street stars have come and gone from Montreal leaving nothing but memories and a few empty lager glasses. Alas, they did not partake of this blog's generous offer of a free, all-expense paid gourmet lunch. Now they're off to the Humanities Theatre in Waterloo, Ontario before hitting the Knox United Church in Calgary on Sunday and Edmonton on Monday. The West will never be the same again (so it won't).  Have a great weekend and see you all here next week for more of the Hip.

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