Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coronation Street scheduling... and Stape alert

please note: this post makes reference to the Feb 29 episode on CBC

Attention Corrie lovers. Coronation Street will be seen today (March 1, 2012) at 1pm (EST) due to CBC hockey coverage this evening. If you miss it at 1pm, don't forget that CBC replays the episode starting at midnight so you have a second chance to watch/record the episode. Please check your local listings and set your video recording devices accordingly in order to ensure that you don't miss the 'Return of the Stape'.

Speaking of which, I must say that John-Boy looks pretty good for a criminal on the run.

There he is in a nice car, sporting a Clooneyesque beard with a cellphone and lots of leisure time on his hands. Not only that, but he's found himself a prime parking spot on Coronation Street from where he can observe all the comings and goings of his loved ones. There just seems to be one problem, a fly in the ointment as it were. What could it be?  Oh yes, His wife is about to go down for a triple murder. Hey, Stape! How about driving over to the courthouse (in your flash motor) and popping into the trial to TELL THE TRUTH.

Just an idea. Oh, and if you are thinking about kidnapping someone, what about crazy Mary? It looks like she needs a hobby. Might as well be kidnap victim. You can find her in the courtroom where, by the way, your wife is being tried for murder.

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