Monday, March 5, 2012

Schedule changes irk Coronation Street viewers

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this text

In the course of some scientific data analysis (i.e. a couple of random comments) and high-level focus groups (i.e. morning lineup at the Tim Hortons), it is clear that avid Coronation Street viewers are upset by CBC schedule changes which displace our beloved Corrie episodes, seemingly without warning.

A case in point: last week I happened to catch a snippet of a promo trumpeting a special edition of Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) on a Thursday night starting at 7pm (Eastern). "Oh, that's interesting," I thought.

Then I realized this "special programming" would be taking place at the same time as Coronation Street. My spider senses (when he says 'spider', he's referring to Spider Nugent, Emily's nephew - ed) started tingling and I thought it best to check the CBC online schedule. Sure enough, HNIC was scheduled to start at 7pm, while ol' Corrie was relegated to 1pm. As far as I can tell, there was no advance notice given and no helpful programming info scrolling across the bottom of the screen on prior episodes (like they used to do).

Now, I'm actually a very loyal CBC watcher (Peter Mansbridge and I share the same head size) but what's with the lack of early warning? Sure it's okay if the episode is a sleeper (another Sophie existential crisis) but if it's important (a cat fight, punch-up or return of John Stape), we need to know (in advance) if there's going to be a program time change.

I suggest that a nice letter to CBC audience relations is required written either in Coronation Street-ese

Oi Cock. Don't be a plank. Tell us when we're going to be barred from watching Corrie, awright?. Now get on yer bike.

.. or in regular language:

Dear Audience Relations, would you mind advising us (preferably by way of a screen crawl) a day or two in advance of any disruption in Coronation Street programming. Loyal viewers can be adversely affected by the sudden preempting of an episode without adequate warning. Thanks awfully and best regards to "The Mansbridge" et al. etc etc.

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