Friday, August 31, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the surrogate edition

please note this post makes reference to the August 30 episode on CBC

First and foremost, I want to say hi and thanks for the kind words from John over at Corrie Canuck. Like many Corrie fans, Corrie Canuck is one of my regular hang-outs and I'm very pleased that John has returned to his regular postings. Now to the business at hand. It's Friday and that can only mean our regular feature, Tony Gordon It's Friday or TGIF, our regular round-up of some of the memorable lines from the week. Off we go:

Norris isn't sure about borrowing Emily's late husband's shoes:
"Dancing in a dead mans shoes doesn't seem right"
(I believe that only applies if the deceased is still wearing them)

Emily finally loses her temper with Tracy:
"You are a lazy, feckless, self-centred, spiteful, spoiled little brat"
(and those are her good points)

Beth offers lodging to Tracy and Amy:
"The fab four is going to be reunited"
(I'm betting that Craig is Ringo)

Norris wants to ensure that he's dressed appropriately for the dance contest:
"I don't want to be the only peacock among the penguins"
(ever thought about migrating?)

Stella is fuming when she spies Sunita in the Bistro:
"I'm not going to sit here watching her cleavage"
(well, someone's got to do it)

Roy is concerned by Mary's proposed sleeping arrangements:
"I'm not comfortable sleeping in your camper van"
(yes, his anorak would get wrinkled)

Leanne reads from the menu as Sunita walks by:
"...a large selection of tarts" 
(and cheesecake...)

Deirdre bursts in to Tracy's hospital room and accuses Steve of two-timing:
"You lying toe rag"
(that's an insult to toe rags)

Anna is wary of Mary's motives and tells Hayley:
"She's like a piranha in a cardy"
(I guess even piranhas get a little chilly now and then)

Deirdre explains the facts of life to Tracy:
"Men are fundamentally cowards"
(also the title of Deirdre's new book: 'Women are from Venus, Men are fundamentally cowards')

Mary recounts some of the things people say about her:
"The madwoman in the motorhome"
(The wacko in the Winnebago, the Kook in the camper van etc. etc.)

Tracy continues to lash out at Michelle:
"You call stealing my husband from me while I’m lying on my deathbed nice?"
(No, it's like something Tracy would do)

Rob is amused by the spat between Michelle and Tracy: 
"If you two are going to start wrestling could you wait until I get me phone on camera mode"
(obviously Rob is a cat fight aficionado)

Michelle replies to Tracy:
"You had your chance with Steve and you blew it by being a devious, evil cow"
(this round goes to Michelle)

Tracy replies to Michelle:
"How come your son spends more time hovering stuff up his nose than a flaming vacuum cleaner?"
(this round goes to Tracy)


Well, fellow Corriephiles, it's the end of another week. The Weatherfield Hospital has once again worked its magic and Tracy is fully recovered. In fact, she's feeling well enough for revenge. Meanwhile Katy is proposing to be a surrogate for Izzy's baby and Tyrone is still trying to come to terms with Kirsty's departure.  Enjoy the Friday episode and the Sunday omnibus because September 3 signals the end of one-hour episodes of Corrie. If you're like me, you'll have withdrawal symptoms (I wish there was a Corrie 'patch' or something). Ah well, have a great long weekend and I'll meet you here next week. Cheers! 

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