Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tracy's kidney at stake

please note this post makes reference to the August 28 episode on CBC

Our cafeteria lady (Sue Vide) was asking me a lot of questions about Tracy Barlow and her Kidney Infection (sounds like an Indie band - ed).  More specifically, the history of Tracy's kidney and the reference to a kidney donor who happened to be an old paramour (husband) of Deirdre (back when her glasses were much bigger - ed).

Well, truth be told, this happened many years ago and my memories of that era are a little fuzzy (he was going through rehab for an ugly addiction to pork scratchings at the time - ed). As far I recall, it happened when Deirdre was between B&B (Barlow & Baldwin) and exploring the single life. She went away on trip to Morocco and met a fit young waiter named Samir Rachid.  It was one of those holiday romances until... Samir came to Coronation Street and they were married.  Samir was a lovely fellow and we watched as he made the easy transition from the sun-soaked Mediterranean clime to the musty, dark streets of Weatherfield. (Hey, the ginnels are lovely in the autumn - ed).

They were very happy together (I think) but then a crisis came along. Young Tracy needed a kidney transplant and no suitable donor was available - except Samir who happened to be a perfect match. This wonderful man became a donor to the ungrateful Tracy. And that's how Tracy got her kidney (I think). As for Samir, well I seem to recall he was attacked by a group of yobs and subsequently died.

Of course, the legendary Blanche had the last word on this when she said, "if Tracy have can have a Moroccan kidney, why can't I have a Polish hip?"   

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