Friday, September 7, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The August in Weatherfield edition

please note this post makes reference to the Sept 6 episode on CBC

Did you notice on last night's episode when someone mentioned that it was August? That's just a couple of weeks ago! Ladies and gentlemen, never before in the history of Coronation Street have Canadians been so close to the actual timeline of the show in the UK. Thank you CBC. Just for this, I promise to watch 'One on One with Peter Mansbridge' (now with more turtlenecks! - ed).

Of course, we are now back to 2.5 hours a week of Corrie. Let us thus extract some of the more memorable lines with a little something we like to call Tony Gordon It's Friday or TGIF. Let's go:

Rob tells Eva that it's over, much to Eva's surprise:
"You weren't picking up on the signals"
(But Stella seems to be picking up on his signals)

Owen places his order at the caf and tries to smooth things over with Anna:
"Coffee and a cuddle please"
(Anna will serve the coffee, Roy will take care of the cuddle)

Eileen tells Kev she's cheesed off by Gail's invitation to Paul:
"The worlds smuggest woman just got smugger" 
(yes, she's right off the smugness scale)

Gail tries to be seductive with Paul:
"If you ever need a friendly ear..."
(which ear is the friendly one?)

Gail again, trying to be seductive:
"My bedroom's very quiet"
(it's certainly uncontaminated by men)

David explains to Paul what his mom is serving for tea:
"It's called a Gail Special"
(just wait till you find out what dessert's called)

Eileen bursts in to find Paul tucking into a Gail Special
"I can't believe you're over here eating her slop"
(Um, it's called Gail's Special Slop, if you please)

Tina summarizes Kirsty's shortcomings to Tommy:
"She's not just two buttys short of a picnic..."
(...she's missing the basket, thermos and napkins)

Steve reassures himself that he's as fit as Rob:
"I can still turn heads"
(yes, but as Lloyd says, in which direction?)


Well, that's it for another week.  Have a great weekend, enjoy the omnibus and keep your fingers crossed that Ty escapes the Wrath of Kirsty. Thanks for visiting and for your comments. It's a pleasure to have you drop by and I'll meet you here next week. Cheers!

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