Monday, September 10, 2012

Karl Munro's Curriculum Vitae

this post makes reference to the Sept 7 episode on CBC

Poor Karl's still looking for a job and Sunita's getting impatient. Well, with his impressive resume, Karl shouldn't have too much of a problem, should he?

Curriculum Vitae

professional, dynamic self-starter with experience in the knicker, taxi and pub industry seeking senior level employment in order to make some dosh.

Work experience:

Logistics Transport Specialist - Underworld
Responsible for ensuring that boxes of knickers are delivered to customers according to schedule. Got fired because of one little cock-up that wasn't my fault.

Customer Service Chaffeur - Streetcars
Responsible for ensuring that customers receive prompt, courteous and safe service. Got fired cause I did the dirty on Stella. Again, not my fault.

Pub Associate - Rovers Return
Responsible for provision and serving of fine ales and spirits to assorted punters. Reason for dismissal? (please see above)

Interests & Hobbies:
gambling, legovers, big screen TVs, football memorabilia, Chinese smoke detectors.

some guy named Tez.

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