Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the pub of the year edition

please note this post makes reference to the October 5 episode on CBC

yes, TGIF is late this week. I'm sure you'll forgive me as I'm still recovering from the return of Ken's long lost paramour, Wendy Crozier (now Stroumboulopolous or something like that). In the distant sands of time, I remember Wendy as a mousy clerical worker at city hall who was the mole providing Ken (intrepid journalist at the time) with inside information to "take down the system", or at least disclose sewer repair schedules (I forget which).

Anyhoo, long story short (too late -ed), Kenny boy somehow decided that a legover was needed to complete the expose and that's how Wendy broke up his marriage with Deirdre, but the affair didn't take and soon Ken was back. Now, I could be wrong about some of this backstory so please feel free to correct me.

Now, on to TGIF or Tony Gordon It's Frday, our regular round-up of memorable lines.

Gloria paints a sophisticated picture of the Rover's cuisine for the pub contest:
"locally-sourced food"
(yes, the pork scratchings are fresh from the nearby Cash and Carry)

Gloria asssesses the sad state of British taverns:
"The best English pubs are in Spain"
(yes but the best 'bull' is definitely in Weatherfield)

Gloria doesn't think much of Egypt's tourist attractions:
"Pyramids are just pointy things in the desert"
(and Stonehenge are just benches for tall people)

Mary assesses the Rovers' shortcomings as she fills out a ballot:
"The ladies' loo hasn't had a good bottoming in years"
(I guess that means someone needs a kick in the ass)

Kirk confesses his shortcomings to Beth:
"I'm no good at lying so I don't bother"
(That's commendable Kirk, what a smart lad!)

Eva tries to help Gloria break open the ballot box:
"Karl used to keep a screwdriver under the bar"
(yes, but I think he drank it before he left)

Gloria reads Norris' comments card:
"The landlady's mother is vulgar and loud"
(...and those are her good points)

Deirdre's cake doesn't work out even though she followed the recipe:
"That Jamie Oliver's not as pukka as he thinks he is"
(But still more pukka than Ken)

Gloria thinks Norris has abused the comments card:
"It gives mean little people like you and your weird girlfriend a chance to vent your spleen"
(I think they banned spleen venting in pubs along with smoking a few years ago) 

Eileen encourages Lloyd to press ahead with his daughter:
"I am the queen of what if"
(What if you weren't...)

Ken reveals to Brian his shock at seeing Vice-Chairman Wendy:
"She's the woman who broke up my marriage to Deirdre"
(which one?)


Well, fellow Corrie enthusiasts, that's it for the week. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and we'll meet back here next week for more Hip. Cheers!


  1. `umm .. what is a pukka anyway??

  2. Hi and thanks for the comment. 'Pukka' became something of a catch phrase for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. It comes from a Hindi word I think and is an adjective and means either 'authentic' or 'first class'. Hope this helps and cheers.