Monday, November 5, 2012

Tony Gordon It`s Monday: the coq au vin edition

note: no spoilers were used in the prepartion of this post

Tony Gordon It`s Monday? What the...? Doesn't have the same ring to it at all? What the hell's going on?  I know what you're thinking. No, I have not been skiving. (well maybe a bit, but not much). I was sidetracked by an unholy amount of work over the past few days and, as a result, my priorities have suffered. It may be too little, too late but here's a little look back at some of the memorable lines of last week in a little something I like to call 'Tony Gordon It's Friday' or TGIF (aka TGIM this week):

Mary is very pleased with her theme nights at the caf:
"Russian night was a big success"
(yes, Vladimir Putin must be very happy)

Mary tells Anna about future theme night plans:
"We're going Moroccan"
(hmm, I think you better clarify, and quickly)

Gloria offers Dennis a quick tour of the Rovers
"Shall I talk you through my pumps?"
(from what I understand about your pumps, there won't be much talking involved)

Eileen shares with Steve her professional assessment of Tracy:
"She's mad as a box of frogs"
(that's an insult to frogs... and boxes)

Rob to Michelle about Steve's cold-hearted dumping:
"Is he a complete slime ball?"
(It's that haircut. It affects his mental abilities)

Mary tells Norris that Anna has left her in the lurch:
"She's put French night in jeopardy"
(Quick, we'll need 100 cc of poutine, stat!)

Gloria tells Lewis about her medical condition
"'I'm dying Lewis"
(yes, dying to get a legover)

Norris tells Kylie he can't stand working for the dictatorial Mary:
"Mary has morphed into Gordon Ramsay"
(Welcome to my Kitchen Nightmare)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid that's it for my low-cal TGIM. I promise to do better this week or my name's not Lewis Archer (and it isn't).  Cheers and laters.

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